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Published:June 14th, 2011 11:28 EST

God Smites Rapture Preacher Harold Camping With A Stroke

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Harold Camping, the Family Radio minister who inaccurately predicted that the world would experience Judgment Day last May 21, has suffered a stroke.

Camping, the 89-year-old head of the Oakland-based evangelical media company, suffered a stroke on Thursday night after a radio broadcast and was taken to a local hospital, according to a message posted on a Family Radio-oriented Yahoo group by Charlie Menut, station manager of Family Radio affiliate WFME." Read more 


Judgement Day almost came for the religious radio broadcaster, but he is expected to be released from the hospital today. We can only hope that the stroke rendered Camping incapable of speaking, the world can do without his false prophecies.

If the geriatric preacher has proven anything, it`s that nobody can predict the end of the world. Twice Camping has predicted the end of the world and we are still here.

Jesus might return for his followers this year; the Easter Bunny may destroy the world with nuclear eggs next Easter, or the world might be obliterated according to Maya prophecy December, 21 2012. But it`s more likely that the Earth will continue to revolve around the Sun for millions of years to come.

Your personal end of the world will come when you die, and it behooves us to make our lives meaningful for ourselves and others. Enjoy yourself, eat, drink and be merry, live according to the Golden Rule, and don`t be deceived by charlatans like Harold Camping.

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