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Published:June 15th, 2011 09:06 EST
FlyRydaz: An Astonishing Band that Salutes the Red, White, and Blue!

FlyRydaz: An Astonishing Band that Salutes the Red, White, and Blue!

By Krista Boyer


Over the past few months, this writer has joined forces with readers and fans across the country, who hopped on board with the fantastic group, FlyRydaz.  This band is composed of three outstanding men who make up one of the best hip-hop groups that this nation has seen in quite a long time.  But now, I have to share with all of you something that has turned me from a FlyRydaz fan into a sincere and lifelong devotee.  React, Rook, and Woodz (A.K.A. FlyRydaz) are lending their beautiful voices to this event:


Free Concert for the Troops at

Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM)

Tacoma, WA

July 14, 2011

Single Soldier`s Day

Our Forgotten Warriors Road To Recovery Tour


This raises FlyRydaz to the top of my preach " list.  And, I have to say right now, if I have to come to your doors and knock on them one by one to get the FlyRydaz name out there "I will!


Among other artists, FlyRydaz is volunteering their time, music, huge talent, and amazing voices to this concert for our Troops and Veterans.  As it reads on the Our Forgotten Warriors website I, too, am humbled by the tremendous amount of support and compassion that these artists expressed for all our warriors.  All artists on-board have expressed a genuine passion and interest in helping OFW raise community awareness and involvement in caring for our Troops and Veterans.  As a community we MUST " come together to care for those who sacrificed so much for our freedom!


I couldn`t have said it better myself.  And I want, with all my heart, to not only bring FlyRydaz and their incredible music to the ears of all you fans and readers out there, but I also want you to read about and understand the incredible organization that means so much to FlyRydaz. 


Our Forgotten Warriors was begun by a soldier named Brandon Gauvreau who in 2007, at the age of only nineteen, suffered a Hemorrhagic stroke at McChord AFB in Lakewood, WA.  Suffering from left side visual field loss; partially paralyzed on the left side of his body; and, cognitively impaired, Brandon went to several treatment facilities.  When it was time for him to enter into a community reintegration program, he and his family realized the lack of available facilities to provide this service to all wounded warriors.  Because of this, Brandon founded Our Forgotten Warriors, so that all our wounded warriors will have an opportunity to be as independent and productive in their community as they possibly can be


I can`t say enough Amen`s " to that man and his perseverance, integrity, and strength in the face of strife.  For many years now, (TOO many years now), America`s boys, girls, husbands and wives, have put themselves on the battlefields for America "s freedom.  And there was a horrific time in this country when wounded soldiers came home and the spirit and respect that should have been shown to them, wasn`t "from their OWN country that THEY fought for.  Thankfully, things have changed a bit on that front.  Most Americans (which should be ALL, by the way) know how hard these men and women have fought, and how much they`ve sacrificed for the rest of us.  We have watched young lives destroyed by war; the lives of true heroes and heroines that shouldn`t have been taken away in the first place.


FlyRydaz is part of the group of artists and performers who truly want to give back; they truly want to lend their talent to helping and serving - and celebrating - the lives of our wounded soldiers and their struggling families.  Rook, React, and Woodz are the trio who began to carve their niche in the music industry in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which all fans know by now.  This multi-talented Hip-Hop/Pop/Electro group lived just blocks away from renowned Harvard and MIT; and, it`s amazing members are such a tight-knit team that they not only make phenomenal music, but also put a unique spin on traditional styles with every note that comes out of their mouths.


Yes, the fan base of FlyRydaz is growing every single day, and after seeing just how amazing their hearts and souls really are, FlyRydaz is sure to hit the path to superstardom.  High school age to twenty-something`s LOVE the FlyRydaz mentality.  They worship the entertaining beats and party atmosphere that these young men bring to every stage they step on.  Some of the adjectives used to describe FlyRydaz have been dynamic and innovative, and they have literally become a stand-out among the Hip-Hop groups by thrilling their eager audiences every single time they present a song that is, quite frankly, unforgettable. 


FlyRydaz has performed all over the Northeast, including - Boston, Providence, Philadelphia, DC, New Hampshire, and New York - and have been electrifying every single audience that is lucky enough (and smart enough) to have gotten tickets to their shows.  In fact, in mid-July of last year, FlyRydaz captured and captivated a sold-out crowd at the Boston House of Blues, " while supporting their friend and rapper, Sam Adams.  They were SO popular that FlyRydaz joined Sam`s tour two months later.


You see?  As I`ve told readers over and over again, this is a group that has become a must-have " at venues across the nation.  And, on July 14th, they will be giving their all to the most amazing organization on the planet. 


Our Forgotten Warriors is focused on aiding our "warriors` so that they may participate within their communities equally through community reintegration.  This organization strives with all their might to promote positive public perception of wounded warriors, and is whole-heartedly committed to helping our warriors by taking a holistic approach to assist the community.  These goals will be accomplished by collaborating OFW`s efforts with like-minded organizations and corporations, so that they can continue to provide the level of services that America`s warriors earned and deserve.


On a side note readers, at the site:, many people write articles about the strife and pain that happens to the Veterans who are coming home to tragedy.  In fact, an article was written on the site that truly will bring shock to your lives.  On January 19th an announcement came from the U.S. Army, that stated there has been a sharp increase in suicide rates among National Guard and Reserve veterans.  The article goes on to tell people about a proposed bill to help stop this tragedy from happening.  The bill is in memory of yet another lost life, Sergeant Coleman Bean, who was a returning serviceman who committed suicide on September 6, 2008, after returning home from his second tour in Iraq.  He was only twenty-five the day he took his own life 


Many artists, including FlyRydaz, KNOW that we, as a country, must do more to reach out to these veterans, to provide them with the counseling and guidance they need.  Now!


Medical and psychological services for returning vets are almost unheard of;  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is affecting hundreds of thousands of vets, as well as Traumatic Brain Injury, which causes similar problems; and, a frightening percentage of America`s military are coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan with these horrific disorders to a health-care system that is STILL sadly lacking in help.  There is a huge increase in head injuries and mental health issues; not to mention, substance abuse and suicides.  With artists help and the community "s help America needs to redouble our efforts to protect and serve our returning veterans.


This is a serious issue.  If you do not have the funds to donate, you can donate your time, your help, your counsel "FlyRydaz is volunteering their talent, and the concert is sure to be an absolute smash hit because of the artists efforts.  Hopefully, this amazing get-together " of excellent performers will bring in donations and teach the community and the world that we are here for these amazing life-affirming men and women who stood under that red, white, and blue flag, and fought for freedom.  Without them, we would have nothing. 


FlyRydaz is calling out for these  `forgotten warriors.`  Listen to them!  React, Rook, and Woodz know what they`re talking about!  And, remember, if you don`t get on board with this magical band, I just might be ringing your doorbell `very, very soon.




Our Forgotten Warriors
91-1200 Keaunui Drive #300
Ewa Beach, HI 96706
General Email:
Phone: 360-989-9363



Make a donation below using Google Checkout or PayPal. You may also mail in your donation by using the mail-in form on their site.




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