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Published:June 15th, 2011 15:16 EST
Where Are the Jobs?

Where Are the Jobs?

By Will Roberts

Where are the jobs? Olly olly, oxen free, free free!

Now, all I know is what I read on the internet, and all I see, other than politicians` body parts, is the four letter word, JOBS! Where are the jobs? Who took the jobs? Jobs are gone; we need jobs. Now, all signs point in one direction, our President and his employees. I have seen the recent studies saying that our President and his administration are to blame.

Now, I have been following this President very closely, every move. Mainly because very early in the game he was labeled a socialist, which is odd because labeled as such, you`d think getting folk`s jobs would be top of his list to help that redistribution of wealth thing along.

I think it is odd that the two biggest issues on our country`s lips are: jobs, and immigration...
Let me attempt to approach this scientifically. Although I don`t claim to have that skill, after-all, I am a Democrat that way. Anyhow.

Here`s an experiment, and you can try this at home, AND it`s totally FREE; best four letter word in English. The only thing it will cost you is your time. Which, if you are out of work, you have plenty.

So, call up your bank, if you still have one. They don`t allow folks to be friends with them if you don`t give them something... MONEY. Call them, however don`t call your local bank; call the customer service 800 number with a problem. 1-800- 555-1212... (push a bunch of buttons) (wait ten minutes) and you`re talking to someone.... Then ask: where am I calling? Bank says: India ...

Now, try calling EFAX (because I have called this company) or call any large corporate business and ask: where am I calling? Corporate business: (insert foreign country)

I have talked to more companies` customer supports lately and all of them, ANOTHER country.

Now, experiment #2.
Go to a home depot or a nursery (plants), a field being harvested or go to a hotel/motel, and notice that has the jobs, most likely immigrants. Now, I am not saying that is wrong, just a fact that most Americans won`t take jobs like this. Odd when you think that this is how our country was built.

So my hypothesis is: The real reason jobs are at an all time low is because corporate America is outsourcing the jobs and Americans are losing jobs to foreigners.

Now, I like to give my readers a little bit of common cents... Which is about all we can afford right now.

So here`s, "The Plan": Stop outsourcing and give the jobs to Americans. Treat it like the unions; union members get the jobs first and afterwards all others.

And if Americans took all the jobs first; field work, day labors, maid work... all the jobs that seem to have become immigrant jobs, we would kill two birds with one stone, jobs and immigration. It`s pretty rare that folks would move somewhere where there are no jobs.

Your friend,

Will Roberts

Jobs, It's all just common CENTS! cause that's all we can afford!