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Published:June 17th, 2011 15:29 EST

Brooke Elliott Talks Drop Dead Diva's Third Season Premiere

By Paulette Cohn

Drop Dead Diva had a dramatic season two finale when Grayson (Jackson Hurst) was hit by a car. In the season three opener, Jane (Brooke Elliott) sits by his bedside waiting for him to recover from a coma. Grayson is her soulmate. He just doesn`t know it yet, because she can`t tell him that she is really his late fiancé Deb (Brooke D`Orsay), who has returned in Jane`s body. Think Heaven Can Wait and you get the idea for Drop Dead Diva.


"I`m such a romantic at heart," says Elliott, who believes that Grayson and Jane should end up together -- eventually. "But I believe that Grayson has to fall in love with Jane, who she is now -- not because he knows Deb is in that body."


The twist to the Deb/Jane body switch is that Deb was a model with a hot bod. Jane is a plus-size attorney, who puts more emphasis on brains than beauty. At first, Deb was horrified to be in Jane`s body, but for some reason has been unable to diet to take off the extra weight.

"I don`t know if it`s that she can`t lose weight," Elliott says. "That`s the thing. It`s that she`s learning beyond that. Deb was so close-minded and so shallow that that`s all she could focus on at first. But through these experiences she`s had as Jane and the things that she`s learned, the point is that she`s moved beyond whether her weight is important or not to her. And she`s found that there`s all this beauty and gorgeousness in this body and in this life. And that`s how she`s developing beyond this shallow model that she was before."

One of the fun things about Drop Dead Diva is with a Broadway star as its leading lady, the show breaks into song and dance from time-to-time.

"In our first episode, I get to sing Don`t Leave Me This Way, and it turns into this full blown musical number that Tyce Diorio choreographed," Elliott says.

Look for some of the series` great guest stars to possibly appear in that number: Brandy, Wendy Williams, LeAnn Rimes, Paula Abdul, Nick Zano, Mario Lopez, Tony Goldwyn, Jennifer Tilly, Clay Aiken, Lance Bass, Wanda Sykes, Kathy Griffin, Louis Van Amstel and Sharon Lawrence.

Drop Dead Diva`s third season premieres June 19 at 9 p.m. on Lifetime Television. Catch up on your favorite Drop Dead Diva episodes when Lifetime Television hosts a six-episode marathon of season two on Saturday, June 18 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.