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Published:June 19th, 2011 12:43 EST
The Newest Country Phenomenon - McKinley & Beggs - Speak!  This Week

The Newest Country Phenomenon - McKinley & Beggs - Speak! This Week

By Krista Boyer
One Good Reason Why


Last week, fans screamed their excitement at me when one half of the amazing county duo, McKinley & Beggs, answered the questions that readers and fans across the nation wanted to know!  Now that our "sit-down` with Jody Beggs is complete, we turn the tables this week to have a "heart to heart` with Ronny McKinley.


These are the men who teamed together, thankfully, to offer their truly perfect country sound to the masses.  With McKinley & Beggs` By The Fire debut album doing so spectacularly, fans are practically breathless with anticipation for the next McKinley & Beggs album to be released.  Talk about waiting for Santa Claus - McKinley & Beggs, time and time again, provide their fans with unstoppable, grassroots " country songs that are literally better than a Christmas gift.


I`ve stated before, guys and gals, that McKinley & Beggs are THE ultimate performers, who will soon be known as the next "Brooks & Dunn.`  Their amazing vocals and music are a combination that the world has been missing for a while now, and McKinley & Beggs are being accepted by fans with open arms.  They`ve brought back the sheer style, charisma, and outstanding performances to the country music world, and McKinley & Beggs are truly the Ambassadors of a "craft` that the world desperately NEEDS. 


To reiterate their background, McKinley & Beggs were, oddly enough, a product of the "Hands of Fate.`  Both being from Florida originally, they ended up in the heart of Nashville.  Jamming with the greatest country musicians of all time, while working and living in an apartment owned by Hank Cochran, both Ronny McKinley and Jody Beggs were surrounded by greatness - and they have gone on to bring their particular style of greatness to audiences everywhere.  Following up on an oath they`d made to each other at a venue where they were both performing, McKinley & Beggs did end up back in their home state of Florida, and joined together to enrich the lives of the rest of us "Thank God!  Well "we should also thank the great Mel Tillis, of course.  You see, after the legendary Mel Tillis listened to one of McKinley & Beggs` demo`s, this always amazing star signed McKinley & Beggs to his label, and magic was born.


With each and every single, as well as every performance McKinley & Beggs gives fans the best that country music has to offer.  These Ambassadors of Country Music recently performed at the m-m-Mel Tillis & Friends 5th Annual Fishing Tournament, benefiting the SHRINERS HOSPITAL FOR CHILDREN), and, once again, solidified their long, long future in the country music industry.  This is one fan who is completely honored and ecstatic to be on the McKinley & Beggs` bandwagon, because there is no duo, group, or band out there right now in this world who can compete with these truly extraordinary and remarkably-talented men


So "here you go, fans!  Ronny McKinley has been sweet enough to answer your questions.  His humor, intelligence, talent - everything about Ronny McKinley - shows the world what an incredible duo McKinley & Beggs is, and how much we admire them! 


Let`s hear it for the Ambassador "Ronny McKinley!



Readers always wish to know where a performer/artist began?  So if you could tell us a little about your early days, such as what got you interested in music and when the country-music life began?


I began in my Dad`s church " I grew up, as they say,  cuttin` my teeth on the church pews.


Momma played piano and that`s where I started playin` piano.  I`m not really sure as to where country music came into play "but I sure love it.

Was there ever a different path you wanted to go on, or was music always your number one career choice?


I tried to join the NAVY when I was twelve-years-old.  I signed up at the post office, however, they sent me a denial letter so I never tried to do anything else.  I figured if the NAVY didn`t want me then nobody else would either.


Can you tell readers about that first moment on stage?


Yes.  I played a concert with my best friend in elementary school in Yankeetown, Florida.  His name was Dana Raulerson, and we sang Sittin` On The Dock Of The Bay, " written by my hero, Steve Cropper.


Writing lyrics must be extremely difficult - finding that "perfect` set of words that are from the heart.  Can you tell readers a little about the writing process?  And where you come up with your ideas?


With me and Jody, both our songs are about everyday life and everyday people "I guess that`s because of who and what we are "common folk!


You`ve spoken about living in an apartment owned by Hank Cochran and being able to "jam` with other amazing writers and performers.  Was there a certain time when anyone specific walked in and you were basically in "awe?


Yes "Steve Cropper (Dock Of The Bay).  He was a really down to earth guy.  Kirk Roth was another one "he wrote a lot of Tracy Lawrence stuff "great guy!


When you began McKinley & Beggs, what were your first thoughts about performing and the future?


To begin with, it was just all about having fun "we had just gotten back in from Nashville and we were under so much stress we just wanted to get back into our Florida groove.


The Mel Tillis "moment` must have been an extraordinary circumstance - being signed by such an icon.  Can you tell readers a little about that first meeting?


Well, on the way down to his office I looked at Jody and said, Well, I guess we`re gonna find out if this cat really stutters " "and he does.


Readers love to know performers more personally.  Can you talk a little about your hobbies, what you do to relax, favorite locales, etc.?


Fishing " Fishing!  I fish with my Father in Law Henry Steedley every week on the Suwannee River.


Who are your personal icons?


Merle Haggard, Mel Tillis, George Jones, and my Father Rev. Jack L. McKinley - these guys were really big influences on my life.


By The Fire was a fantastic debut album.  Can you tell readers the title of the next?


My choice is a song that Jody wrote called Stuck On Easy. "



Now we move on to the questions that fans LOVE to hear the answers to:


Other than your own profession - what profession would you like to try?


I would someday love to own my own restaurant "and call it NASHVILLE/SOUTH fine dining and show place.


What profession would you never like to try?


I would never like to be a Dairy Hand.  I did that and I am sure I hate that.


What is your favorite word?




What is your least favorite word?


G.D. - it makes me cringe  (You know what G.D. is gang J)


When you arrive at the Pearly Gates, what would you like God to say?


Enter In.


Well "what more can I say this week, gang?  Ronny McKinley said it best - McKinley & Beggs IS the greatest thing to happen to country music in a very long time.  And, as Ronny says, This Cat Definitely Stutters!


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