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Published:June 20th, 2011 09:28 EST

Actively Helping Children and Families Affected by AHC A Truly Amazing and Much-Needed Organization!

By Tom Ski

There is an organization called AHCF that was founded by two very special people named, Richard George and Lynn Egan; and, is the website dedicated to helping children with AHC!  This team of amazing individuals across the nation are working together to achieve a common goal a Cure!

Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood (AHC), is a rare neurological disorder in which children experience bouts of temporary paralysis affecting one or more parts of their body.  These episodes can last for minutes, hours even days, and are sometimes very painful.  AHC also severely affects a child`s ability to learn; it`s as if the brain short circuits.  And many AHC sufferers also have epilepsy.

Enter the AHCF.  The AHCF is an incredible organization that comes from a combination of the International Foundation for Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood (IFAHC), founded in 1993, and the Alternating Hemiplegia Foundation (AHF), founded in 1995, and is a non-profit, tax exempt organization that is explicitly run by parents, families, and volunteers.

At people are offered the latest news, information, medical updates, and more, as volunteers band together to get the word out` regarding this disease.  The word NEEDS to go out, as the mission of this fantastic organization is to ultimately discover the cause(s) of AHC, and develop effective treatments to ultimately find a cure.  While working extremely hard to get this done, the AHCF provides all different types of support to families by funding research projects, and eliciting the help of a medical advisory board that consists of physicians who have first-hand experience with this disorder.  With their help, the AHCF promotes proper diagnosis and educates the health care community.  Not to mention, the AHCF does everything within their power to reach out and encourage the worldwide exchange of information, which is allowing them to create an international database of all AHC patients.  By working together, the cure will be found.  But to cure you must first understand, and the AHCF devote their hearts, minds, and souls to finding that understanding!

Although the website is currently going through an extreme makeover at the moment, AHCF President, Jeff Wuchich, has kept everyone informed about the great things that have been happening in 2011 through the AHCF newsletter.  I would like to share just a little bit with you about the amazing projects and happenings in the AHCF world.  In addition to a number of fundraising events, the AHCF continues to add to their Board and volunteer roster.  The AHCF is fresh on the heels of their $250,000 win in the Pepsi Refresh contest, and with that money some critical genome sequencing work is underway that could, at last, shed some light on the root cause of AHC!  There just couldn`t BE any better news than that.  And the publicity wave that was generated from the contest helped increase awareness of AHC across the land, identifying new cases, and connecting with families who were unaware of the AHCF and their huge support network.

This writer also wants to direct each and every one of our readers to a very important site that will allow YOU to help the AHCF in their work.  Right Now the AHCF is part of the Vivint Gives Back Project.  Heading to this website, allows YOU to vote for the AHCF to win a $250,000.00 grant to continue the work that they began by winning the Pepsi grant.  Once a day YOU can visit this site and vote to help the Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood Foundation receive a part of the $1.25 million dollars that Vivint is awarding to local charities.  The Vivint Gives Back Project is a program run by Vivint, Inc, which allows Facebook users to help Vivint support charities that are doing outstanding work in neighborhoods and communities across the United States.  It is a great opportunity for these local charities to be recognized by their supporters!  Help AHCF find a CURE!  The charity that receives the most votes will receive $250,000, so VOTE TODAY!

Also, coming up in July, the AHCF will hold their Family Meeting in Raleigh, NC; and, they have designated September as AHC Awareness Month with seven walks scheduled to take place around the country.  PLEASE keep in mind that YOU can schedule a walk for your own community in order to help publicize and help this incredible organization.  (If you call, the AHCF will get you teamed up with their mentoring group who will help make sure that YOUR walk is a complete and utter success!)

On top of all these amazing events, AHCF is making a name for themselves and garnering more support through promotion and advertising, which brings more volunteers and donors to their doors.  AHCF also goes above and beyond the call by offering extremely helpful links on

Exceptional Parent (EP) is one of the most trusted voices in the special needs community.  Sites are also available on where to go for wheelchairs and Accessories, including: Sunrise Medical, Colours Wheelchair, and Snugseat.  And is always there to help families find the best equipment to support their children.

I also want to give a `shout out` to The Coffee Klatch, which is an interactive forum on Blog Talk Radio, offering expert guests that include award winning authors, doctors, psychologists, advocates, and representatives from the world`s most respected children`s organizations. They feature daily topics for all disabilities, both physical and emotional.

From finding out about the symptoms, diagnostic criteria, long-term effects, and in-depth medical research regarding AHC - to the immense amount of support that the volunteers of the organization give to you and your family - is a place with a powerful purpose. is a place that everyone needs to see and offer their help to.

The strong Board of the AHCF has developed committees to tackle tough issues, as well as to spread awareness, increase research projects, and support families and they NEED your help!

If your interest is in family support - creating ideas to help families connect by developing materials such as welcoming kits or brochures for new families, then YOU can help the AHCF!  YOU can research physical, social, and developmental resources that will help kids and parents, developing a support system. Share YOUR ideas and make the AHCF an even stronger advocate for families by contacting Lynn Egan at to volunteer on the Family Support Committee!

If your talent and/or interest lies more in the realm of Public Relations then YOU can help spread the word about AHC!  Your ideas can become educational blocks for physicians/neurologists, teachers and caregivers, the public, or even tap into the world of legislation.  YOU could engage the media, or work to develop a network of various events and symposiums where these incredible people can advocate for AHC!  Write articles for the AHCF newsletter, or awareness campaigns, by speaking with Vicky Platt at to become a huge part of the Public Relations Committee.


Or talk!  If you are a social networking whiz and love to "talk` to people, YOU can be a part of fundraising for the AHCF!  Part of AHCF`s mission statement is to provide those necessary funds for research, and to find treatments and a cure for AHC. They need dedicated people who are willing to work together to identify potential fundraising opportunities, and to reach out to possible donors by creating ideas that will generate the kind of funding that is essentially needed in order to accomplish their `high` goals.  YOU can help by developing strategic efforts and even mentoring first time fundraisers by contacting Jeff Wuchich at to join the AHCF`s Fundraising Committee.

Trust me.  After just one visit to this amazing site, you will want to do everything within your power to help the AHCF complete their mission to ultimately  find the cure for our children.  Call THIS day!  Get Involved!  Maybe with all of us working as a team, there will soon come day when there is no longer a need for because AHC will be a thing of the past - allowing our children to have a fantastic future!

Until Next Time Everybody!

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