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Published:June 20th, 2011 21:11 EST
Presumptions Are the Foundation of State's Case in Casey Anthony Trial

Presumptions Are the Foundation of State's Case in Casey Anthony Trial

By SOP newswire2

The Problem With HLN`s Coverage of the Casey Anthony Case!

I could not agree with you more in your assessment of the blatantly biased media coverage of the Casey Anthony trial. The majority of the media coverage, but most especially that of InSession, CNN and HLN networks is, in clearly prejudiced in their presentation of the trial proceedings thus far and have all but pronounced their verdict and passed sentence. 

I have been following this trial every day and am extremely bothered by what I perceive to be the blatantly obvious bias for the prosecution as demonstrated by the often hateful and vicious commentary by many of the `expert analysists` especially Vinny Politan and Mike Brooks, whose comments, facial expressions and general demeanor exhibit an obvious predermination of the accused`s guilt. 

Together with HLN`s hatchet `reporters` Jane Velez-Mitchell, and the `queen of mean` Nancy Grace, who is compelled to place the scorning moniker of `tot-mom` before Casey Anthony`s name at every opportunity, it is obvious that the cable media has clearly used sensationalism to hype ratings and decide this case in the court of public opinion.  Remember how vehemently Nancy Grace denounced, accused, tried and convicted those young Duke lacrosse players charged with rape a few years ago?  To my knowledge she has never acknowledge her grievous error in judgment, nor has she publicly apologized to the accused boys or their families. Her and all of her cable colleagues who continue to spew their hatred and contempt in this trial are just despicable. 

I have tried to pay attention to as much of the testimony and evidence presented thus far and considering all of the state`s testimony and forensic evidence to date, I cannot find any way that I would be able, in good conscience, to vote for a conviction of first degree, pre-meditated murder, beyond a reasonable doubt.  I don`t even see any way to convict on any lesser charge as well, based on the weakness of the state`s case... NO established cause of death... NO physical evidence directly linking Ms. Anthony to the `murder` other than a single hair that even the prosecution`s witness could definitively say came from the young victim. And the inclusion of `the smell of death` testimony as well as certain new and untried and untested scientific testing is not only unprecedented, but surely will be cause for a reversal on appeal should Ms. Anthony be convicted, which I fully expect to happen given the way this trial appears to have been conducted thus far.

As far as the duct tape being the murder `weapon,` my only observation is how did it survive the many months of extreme weather, heat, humidity and even a hurricane, not to mention the complete decomposition of the body tissue to which it would have been adhered to? Any novice homeowner such as myself, who has tried to use duct tape to patch up or mend a variety of materials such as a hole in a garden hose for example KNOWS that as soon as it gets the least bit wet, it goes limp and falls off almost immediately. But somehow, the prosecution wants us to accept the fact that this particular brand of duct tape was not only the method of death, but was able to survive over months of such extreme conditions not a compelling argument if I`m sitting on that jury.

What is more troubling is that defense seems to be completely overlooking such obvious flaws and incongruities in the states` presentation of evidence. I`m by no means a lawyer, but I feel that they would be better served in attacking and questioning the science and their presumptions which is basically the foundation of their case.

It will certainly be intriguing to see how it all plays out... 

Ron M

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