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Published:June 24th, 2011 15:08 EST

Mob Wives' Renee Graziano Talks the Season Finale

By Paulette Cohn

VH1`s controversial Mob Wives, a reality show based on the lives of four struggling, "allegedly" associated women who have to pick up the pieces and carry on after their husbands or fathers do time for mob-related activities, wraps up the season on Sunday,  June 26.


The Mob Wives finale is said to be a bang-up affair with a catfight between Karen Gravano and Drita D`avanzo. Karen is allegedly writing a book that reveals secrets about Drita`s husband and the two women go at it.

The finale is followed by a reunion show during which Karen, Drita, Carla Facciolo and Renee Graziano recap all action from the season!

But first, we talk to Renee to find out why she went on the TV series, the response she is getting and whether or not her father Anthony Graziano approves of Mob Wives.

What kind of response have you gotten from your appearance on Mob Wives?

Renee Graziano: I`ve actually had a great response from everyone, my family and friends, with the exception of my father, everyone has been very, very happy for my success.  They love the show.

Who have you kept in touch with from the show?

Renee Graziano: I keep in touch with everyone.  On a daily basis, I speak with the girls.  We broke for a little break.  Everyone has their own life.  So, we do speak.  But, we don`t see each other as often as will when we were filming.

Your sister`s the creator and executive producer of the show.  Has working with her had any affect on your relationship?

Renee Graziano: No.  I`ve always been annoying, she told me, so I`m even more annoying.  I`m getting back at her now this time.  We work very well together.  She is the brains, and then I`m the creative goofball "  I`ve always been that way.

You said that you`ve been getting pretty positive reaction to your appearance on Mob Wives, but is there any concern from your point of view that it has a negative impact on Staten Island?

Renee Graziano: I don`t think this is a show about Staten Island.  I think this is a show about four women that happen to live on Staten Island.  So, I don`t think that our show has any impact on the Island itself.  As far as negative, there are people that have negative views, absolutely.  Sometimes, I even look at my own life in a negative light, but for the most part, I`m learning from this experience, and I will admit it.  But, hopefully, as it goes on, people will learn that I`m as human as the next person.  I have a heart as big as the next person.  So, I`m not so concerned about this being a negative thing for Staten Island.

About your dinner party, it`s probably going to go down as the most infamous dinner party in reality TV. I think you have the Beverly Hills Housewives beat there.  Do you think that things would have turned out differently had the other ladies known that Karen was coming?  If so, how do you think that would have changed things?

Renee Graziano: Well, Carla knew Karen was coming to dinner.  So, Drita was the only one that didn`t know until she arrived.  That`s when I made it very, very open and honest that Karen was coming.  She had the opportunity to leave.  What everyone doesn`t see is what happened " editing and what I think would have happened differently, had they not plotted against me, things would have went over much sooner.  I kept my cool for an hour prior to that explosion in my house.  So, I think that was more their bad than mine.

What was the most memorable fight from the season, and the fight you`d most like to forget and why?

Renee Graziano: Well, the fight that is most memorable would be the one that I had in my house.  I don`t ever want to forget it.  I`d like to do it again, maybe this time, knock her [Carla] out.

What have you learned from Mob Wives about yourself and your dealings with other women that you`ll take into the second season?

Renee Graziano: I definitely learned that I might be much more outspoken than I need to be.  What I learned about myself is that I`m very passionate about my friends.  That will never change.  What I`m finally taking into season two is the same person you met in season one.

What is your impression of mob wives during from your parents` generation as compared to now?

Renee Graziano: Oh, there would have been no Mob Wives if it was my parents` generation as far as a television show.  As far as the women go, it was when they wanted equal rights, we got equal rights.  This is what we asked for; we got it.  Women are very strong nowadays. I hope the message that we`re sending for women in general is you don`t need a man to support you.  You can go out, and do it on your own and never fold no matter what.  Your children are involved in your life.  You stay strong.

What are some common misconceptions people who aren`t familiar with the mob would think about the Mob Wives?

Renee Graziano: Well, I don`t think they expected us to be as harsh and as toxic at times as we are with each other.  But, I do believe that they are under this impression that we`re a part of a world that we`re not.  Listen, when my son`s father would have to work, or my father went to work, they went to work.

I`m sure when they got home, my mother and father didn`t want to say, "Oh, so how was your day at work?" or "What`d you do in the house today?"  Those conversations did not exist.  It was more about "Are the kids okay?  Do you need anything?"  So, I think the misconception is that we`re very much a part of a world that we`re not included in. We`re women taking care of our children and our home.  Sometimes, you just don`t ask questions.

How did you first find out as a child that you were a part of the mob world?  Or, did you always know?

Renee Graziano: I absolutely didn`t always know.  My first experience of finding out, according to the government, that my father was involved in illegal activity was in fourth grade when these kids glued an article from the Staten Island Advance to my desk.  That`s actually the first time.

I knew I was different from the other children.  I never questioned it; I just left it alone.  I went home and I said, "What`s this?"  They were like, "Oh, newspapers, you know, they don`t always write the truth."  I said, "Okay.  I love you, Daddy."  And, I walked out.  I was too young to comprehend.

You were worried that your dad didn`t approve of you and your sister doing the show.  So, have you gotten some positive feedback about it?  Has he changed his mind?

Renee Graziano: My father`s never seen the show, nor will he ever watch it.  He has not changed his views on how he feels.  He loves his daughters unconditionally, but he will not accept.  This is not for him.  Believe it or not, my father`s a very private person even though he`s been in the news.

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