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Published:June 24th, 2011 08:11 EST

Obama, Not GOLF! Unless it`s Miniature Golf. Americans Would Pay to See That

By Will Roberts

Well, Democrats and Republicans both showed they have a problem when it comes to problem solving solutions. Let`s put it this way... If you say you are a man of the people, you d better solve problems for the people.

Not sure I understand politicians; they spend hundreds of millions of dollars to make sure people understand them. That they are a man of the people. That they are just like them and day to day they understand how tough it is to be them, and then meet at a golf course to discuss the country`s problems. Mr. President, you started in the beginning of your term sitting down and drinking a beer with folks (Beer summit); now it`s golf courses? What`s next? A YACHT?

We know you tried bowling and it didn`t work. You do the basketball thing well, only it has to be something the Republicans can do as well. Like dodge ball, or pin the tail on the DONKEY (Dems). Not GOLF! Unless it`s miniature golf. Americans would pay to see that.

Your friend,

Will Roberts