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Published:June 25th, 2011 11:13 EST

Boa Constrictor Named Hudini Escapes At Park

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A snake owner said he is trying to find Hudini, the 5-foot boa constrictor that escaped from his backpack while he was napping in a Michigan park.

Richard Baumgardt said Hudini lived up to her name, which evokes escape artist Harry Houdini, when she slithered out of his backpack while he was camping at Addison Oaks County Park in Leonard June 6, the Detroit Free Press reported Friday."



Baumgardt is a bloomin` idiot, he forgot to zip up the backpack. Hello! If you have a deadly animal in your backpack you should zip it up and and secure it with a padlock.

Baumgardt should be charged with animal cruelty, it`s insane to cram a 5-foot boa constrictor into a backpack.

Homeboy really needs to get a life, I can understand going to the park with your lover or dog, but a boa constrictor?

Baumgardt was issued a ticket for having an animal-at-large, but he should also be forced to pay for the unsuccessful search effort.

I hope that the poor snake is never reunited with his moron owner.

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