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Published:June 27th, 2011 09:48 EST

Skimpily Dressed Women Must Cover Up Before Visiting Rikers Island Jailbirds

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Skimpily dressed visitors at Rikers Island, New York City`s main jail complex, are allowed to see inmates only if they agree to cover up with an oversized, baggy, green t-shirt as part of an updated dress code intended to maintain a "family friendly` environment.
Prison officials hope to reduce the possibility of inmates making comments about other inmates` visitors` appearance -- be they derogatory or a little too appreciative -- that could lead to flared tempers and even violence."
It`s sheer madness to try to create a family friendly  atmosphere at one of the most notorious jails in the country.  But handing an oversized T-shirt to a woman who is scantily-clad is an excellent idea; a provocatively dressed lady in jail is nothing but trouble.
How about trying to create a family friendly  atmosphere at Wal-Mart? The Wally World greeter should welcome every sharp-dressed lady who walks in with a smile and a friendly greeting, but he should make a woman wearing sweatpants  cover up with a giant T-shirt.
The same dress code should be enforced at banks and every other pubic venue. If a huge woman wearing spandex shorts tries to withdraw money from her account, the bank manager shouldn`t give her a bloody penny until she covers up with a Mumu or a potato sack.
Men with saggy pants, muscle shirts or polyester suits  should also be prohibiting from entering any store unless they cover up with a humongous T-shirt.
The bottom line is that we should be considerate of others, and not leave home wearing ratty sweatpants,  or any outfit that might cause others to be uncomfortable in our presence. 

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