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Published:July 2nd, 2011 14:02 EST
Civilian Space Flight Not Too Far Away

Civilian Space Flight Not Too Far Away

By Ron G Anselm

The future of you and I traveling to distant and faraway places around our planet may not be a thing of the imagination anymore. NASA`s Commercial Crew Development (CCDEV2) program is doing just that, finding ways to develop commercial crew transportation capabilities to boldly go where no man has gone before or should I say where Mom, Dad and Uncle Ted have never gone before.

NASA is closing the gap on putting your everyday civilian into space. This would be great if NASA could develop a program and system where instead of taking those holiday and weekend trips to say the local beach you could buy a commercial flight ticket and take a trip to the moon or some distant planet and be back by Sunday in time for work on Monday.

Technology and the development in technology is ever changing and developing spaceflight technology is something that people do definitely take an interest in. I have seen the greatest in high technology especially when I was in the Army and repaired weapons and weapon systems. I saw some of the greatest advances in electronics and weapons technology and that was just the tip of the ice berg. When I heard the military was developing the new M16 Rifle that could just about shoot around corners with accuracy that was amazing to me and with the new technology advances in possible spaceflight capabilities is not surprising.

This is the same thing with NASA. NASA is using our hard earned tax dollars to spend on developing elements that people do care about and will help our world in the future. At this point in NASA`s Commercial Crew Development program they have been all the milestones or in other words have overcome all the obstacles that they need to move forward with the next phase of the spaceflight project.

One of the major obstacles in any research program and new business is to find interested stakeholders and financial resources from the private sector of business. NASA has posted the status and updates to their website and all information about the Commercial Crew Development program can be viewed on that website at ( There will also be bi-monthly updates posted to keep the stakeholders and anyone interested in the new program updated on the status of it.

Phil McAlister who is NASA`s acting Director for the program said, "We`re only 60 days into CCDev 2, and their progress is right on schedule," (Harrington, J.D.) This is a good thing because most large commercial projects normally have many snags in them that can set them back for years. So maybe this new program won`t be so far off from happening.

So, with this new project for spaceflight transportation the next time you plan to take a vacation don`t look at the Caribbean look at the moon or even some distant star in our galaxy that may also have those nice and colorful umbrella drinks you normally would sip on while taking in those hot rays from the sun while working on your tan at the beach.

You could now sit on the moon in your lunar chair and instead of doing like you used to on those clear and starry nights sitting in your back yard in your favorite patio chair and watching the moon, you could now do the opposite and sit on the moon and watch our planet as you enjoy your new weekend trip that you may take in the future on one of those new Commercial Crew bus liners that NASA is inching closer to developing.