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Published:July 3rd, 2011 10:05 EST

Sarah Palin Is The Biggest Tease In Politics

By Robert Paul Reyes

Bristol Palin told Sean Hannity of Fox News that her mother has made up her mind about running for president. You don`t have to be a rocket scientist or a political guru to discern what Sarah Palin told her daughter. Palin hasn`t done any fundraising, or established any presence in the crucial early primary states. Many Tea Party leaders and members have hopped onboard the Michele Bachmann bandwagon.


If you`re a little bit slow on the uptake, let me break it down for you: Sarah Palin has no intentions of running for president. The former beauty queen is like a high school cheerleader who already has a date for the prom, but tells a couple of other dudes she might go out with them, only because she loves the attention.

It was no surprise that the former governor of Alaska contradicted Bristol and told the New York Times that she still hasn`t made up her mind. If you believe Palin, I have a beautiful beachfront property in Wasilla to sell to you, the sand on the beach is white, and the temperature never dips below 80 degrees.

If I`m wrong and Palin enters the race, I will dress in drag like Sarah Palin, that`s how certain I am that she is just playing games with the press.

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