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Published:July 3rd, 2011 20:29 EST
What Do Class, Brains, Heart, Intelligence and Humor Have in Common?  Exactly!  Kacey Jones

What Do Class, Brains, Heart, Intelligence and Humor Have in Common? Exactly! Kacey Jones

By Krista Boyer

Kacey Jones has made a stellar career out of the bottomless well of passion, determination, and drive that she owns. Kacey Jones is an enigma. There isn`t one performer that comes to mind who can do so much so well; she can entertain crowds the minute she steps on the stage and opens her mouth.

To re-cap a bit of the history of Kacey Jones, this woman has received accolades galore. The word ˜rave` when discussing a Kacey Jones review is actually an understatement. And you don`t need to believe this writer. Theist of brilliant CD`s and performances by Kacey Jones is as long as the longest arm, and magazines, television shows, venues - absolutely everything a performer could think of - has announced over the years just how fantastic this performer/comedian is when she lights up stages across America. People Magazine, USAToday, CMT ¦they shout to the rooftops that Kacey Jones knows EXACTLY what she`s doing in every facet of her career. Kacey Jones also became a featured performer for Garrison Keillor on National Public Radio`s, A Prairie Home Companion.

Going against the grain is a mantra for KaceyJones. Her comedy albums can and have made people fall off their chairs including, The Sweet Potato Queens` Big-Ass Box of Music and Men Are Some of My Favorite People (which includes 1-900-Bubba, " which just happens to be my absolute favorite). But it`s not just the huge amount of humor this woman has standing at the ready, Kacey Jones also has the power to feel every emotion - dark, haunting, dramatic, and lovely with the same amount of force that she feels for humor.

Kacey Jones produced, Pearls in the Snow: The Songs of Kinky Friedman. This collection was a huge hit and offered performances by such legends as Willie Nelson, Lyle Lovett, Dwight Yoakam, Tom Waits - and an abundance of other artists. Kacey Jones even sang a duet with Kinky, himself, called Marilyn and Joe. This, readers, was not only an album - this was sheer and utter art.

In fact, there is so much to say, it is difficult for any writer to stop yapping " when it comes to Kacey Jones. And, luckily enough, we were able to open a dialogue with this truly amazing performer and have her offer much more information for her readers and fans. Kacey Jones is one of those true goddesses who is pure magic. And, as with any magic, we all want to see what it`s about and how it works.

Over the following weeks, Kacey Jones will provide those answers. She will take our hands and let us walk into her world. Beginning with this article, readers and fans will actually SEE how a true artist began, lived, loved, and how she continues each and every year to be the absolute best at what she does. With our first question, we wanted to know from Kacey Jones how it all began. Where did this performer come from? And, who surrounded her when she was young who perhaps led her to the path that she`s following today?

So ¦drum roll please? Here is your first taste " of the enigmatic, Kacey Jones:

I was born in the San Francisco Bay Area in San Jose Hospital which, by the way, no longer exists. When Thomas Wolfe said, You can`t go home again, " I guess he wasn`t kidding.

I know your readers would probably love for me to reveal my date of birth but, remember what OscarWilde said: A woman who will tell you her real age will lie about anything. " I`ve been asked the age " question by many journalists and interviewers over the years. My stock answer is still: Can you keep a secret? " And they, of course, always say, Yes. " To which I reply, So can I. " Let`s just say I`m in my twenty-teens.

At the time I was born, my father was a gas station attendant at a Flying A Richfield gas station ¦these no longer exist either. Come to think of it, a lot of the good stuff no longer exists. But, I digress. My dad later became a journeyman housepainter, worked his way up to foreman, and by the time I was twelve years old, owned the largest paint contracting business in the Bay Area. His company painted many of the high schools, apartment buildings, and corporate structures in the South Bay. They also painted the original Candlestick Park in San Francisco where the San Francisco Giants played. As a result, he got free season tickets for our little family and I became a rabid Giants fan, as did my younger brother, Tom.

One of my favorite memories from those days was the smell of paint thinner. Dad would come through the front door, always late for dinner, wearing his paint-blotched white painting overalls - stinking of paint thinner, cigarettes, and Burgermeister beer (which also no longer exists). But, to me and my brother, that smell meant Daddy`s home! "

My brother and I were lucky to have a stay-at-home-mom who was not only an avid reader, but also an excellent athlete (swimming, diving, ice skating, and golf). She also loved music, played piano, and had a beautiful voice. (My dad also had a beautiful baritone voice and played the trombone in his early years). So, music, as well as athletics, was in our DNA. Our mother was ALWAYS singing or humming around the house, or when she was driving us to one of our many childhood school events. I recall onetime in particular when she was singing while driving, a song that she called, Once on a Meadow. " She`d sing: Once on a meadow, dee-dee-dee, once on meadow ¦ " I later learned that the song she was actually singing was, Guantanamera, " a romantic Cuban folk song about a girl from Guantanamo made famous in the U.S. by The Sandpipers. Mom and I had a good laugh about that years later when I would call her from a payphone from wherever I was on the road. She`d pick up the phone and the first thing she`d hear would be me singing, Once on a Meadow dee-dee-dee, once on a meadow. "

Both of my parents loved nature and had a sincere respect for the spiritual power of the great outdoors. As a result, my brother and I were fortunate to go on a couple of trips a year to visit places like The Grand Canyon, The Redwood Forest, Big Sur, Yosemite, and the Sequoia National Park, to name a few. To this day, I still find my solace in nature. It`s where I go to reclaim myself when the world gets too busy and overwhelming. Nothing makes me feel closer to Mother/Father/God then standing next to a Redwood tree or walking along the beach in Big Sur. I often tell people who`ve never experienced Big Sur, that it`s the only place I know where you can stand atop a mountain, surrounded by Cypress and Redwood trees, and throw a rock into the Pacific Ocean all at the same time. It doesn`t get much better than that.

After my brother and I left home, my parents became the owners and operators of, what was at that time, the largest Mexican restaurant in Central California, ironically called La Poca Villa, " which means The Little Villa " in Spanish. This little villa " was actually a 6,000 square foot restaurant with a full bar, live music, and the best Chile relleno you ever wrapped your lips around.

In late 1992, just as my parents were getting ready to enjoy a well-deserved retirement, my mother was diagnosed with Leukemia. She died six months later after a brave fight. Her death broke all of our hearts, especially my father`s. The two of them had known each other since he was six years old and she was five. And, even though he remarried a couple of years after her death, it was clear to me that the best part of him went wither when she left this place. He did his best to carry on without her, always putting on a brave face, always happy to see me and my brother when we came to visit. But in July, 2004, in what I can only imagine was the deranged thinking of a man who had been diagnosed with Emphysema and dealing daily with an oxygen tube that kept him tethered to a twenty- foot line, he took his own life. I miss them both, terribly. But, in my heart, I know they`re together again ¦because if there is such a thing as soul mates ¦that was my mom and dad.

I can`t say enough about Kacey Jones. I was a fan before, but after reading her answer to my question, she has my full heart now. It was as if she were speaking about my own parents, who had a romance such as the one she describes ¦and an ending.

All I can say is that this performer reminds me of the best book I`ve ever read. You know? That book! The one you get from the library, bring home, feed the dog and the kid, go into a quiet, peaceful place, and open the cover to begin a journey of a lifetime. Whether it be Mr. Darcy walking across the field (my favorite); or, a world at war trying their best to come together after the red-white-and blue flag has turned to a horrific shade of blue and gray - these are the books that keep you going. These are the books that offer love, pride, honor, respect, intelligence, and pure and utter class. In my mind, Kacey Jones exudes every one of these qualities.

I can feel it out there among you readers and fans. Think of this as an opening chapter; an introduction, if you will. And Kacey Jones will answer questions every other week ¦allowing the beauty, humor, and anticipation to grow as we get to know the real, true character that is the remarkable, Kacey Jones.

Until Next Time, Everybody.

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