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Published:July 7th, 2011 21:46 EST
The Psychology of Job Loss:  How to Get Back in the Game!

The Psychology of Job Loss: How to Get Back in the Game!

By SOP newswire2

Job loss can be psychologically paralyzing. Exiting the structure of your workplace means leaving behind your daily rituals, routines, social groups, and personal workspace. To a great extent you lose more than just your job, you lose your sense of purpose and meaning. What often happens is that many individuals fall into a state of psychological paralysis where they just don`t know what to do. Without the structure of a job to provide a framework   to operate in, life becomes very ambiguous and uncertain. Uncertainty then leads to a feeling of loss of control, which directly leads to stress.  

This is why we need to take the time to step back and reset. All too often those who find themselves laid-off will immerse themselves in busy work and task level job seeking activities as opposed to stepping back and developing a real strategy. This aimless busy work may create a short-term sense of purpose and serve to preoccupy the mind, but it likely won`t produce long-term results. The best way to deal with the uncertainty that comes with   job loss is to take back control by developing a plan.

Dr. Woody will share the following tips to help those who have suffered job loss get back in the game:

·Stop Putting the Cart Before the Horse:   The biggest problem with so many of the self-help career books out there is the fact that they focus too much on task level activities as opposed to   strategy and planning. In a sense, they put the cart before the horse.   Getting back into the career game is going to require serious introspection   and self-analysis. Dr. Woody believes everyone should look in the mirror and:

  • Assess their values
  • Determine their intrinsic strengths
  • Identify their true passions

·Create Your Package:   Whether you like it or not, you are a brand. The challenge is determining what that brand is and how to most accurately project it. At the end of the day, a   brand is a promise! Your brand package must come from within you and be an accurate reflection of who you are! Often this requires learning how to translate skills into different industries. Dr. Woody will share some examples of positive and negative personal branding.

·Make a YOU Plan:   If you want to reach a destination you must first identify that destination   and then draw-up the best roadmap for getting there. A pilot would never take-off without a flight plan, a coach would never take to the field without a game plan, so why would you embark on pursuing a career with a career plan?   Dr. Woody will share the YOU Plan process for creating your own plan of  action!

·Tap Your Friends and Family Network:   First and foremost, it`s important to understand that a strong support network   is critical during tough times. One should never feel embarrassed or ashamed of job loss, particularly considering the record levels of unemployment. When you are ready to put yourself out there the place to start is by reaching out   to friends and family. Dr. Woody will talk about ways to reach out and tap your friends and family network.

·Build Your Who You Know Network:   Success in any business is all about who you know! Building your who you know network in this modern era of social media is particularly critical to your job hunting success. The new phenomenon of social recruiting has taken the job hunting world by storm. Dr. Woody will share some tips for using social media to unlock doors you never knew existed.

By Dr. Woody

Dr. Woody ( is in NYC July 14-19.