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Published:July 9th, 2011 11:48 EST
How to Write Poetry

How to Write Poetry

By Ed Roberts

How to Write Poetry


You ask me how to write poetry


Close your eyes

Think of the greatest joy

That you have ever experienced

In your entire life

And find words for that


Think of the greatest sorrow

You have ever felt

One that hurt you

To your very soul

And find words for that


Go outside at 2 AM

To the countryside

Miles away from anything else

Lie down on your back

In a field of fresh cut grass

Gaze upon the countless stars above

And find words for that


A mother`s hug

A child`s first laugh

Their cries from the darkness

The way it felt

The first time you walked away

And left them at school

Later, the way you felt

When you left them standing at the altar

The loss of a friend

The loss of your parents

The loss of your spouse


Find words

For all of these

And each and every special moment

That simply being alive



When you can do this

My friend

Then you can call yourself

A poet

As for me

Each and every day

I still try


Ed Roberts 7/8/11