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Published:July 9th, 2011 11:10 EST

Tim Pawlenty Says He Loves Lady Gaga! Is T-Paw Hinting He's Gay?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"After an interview, Tim Pawlenty asked a group of pop-culture bloggers to name their favorite Lady Gaga song. Clearly itching to answer the question himself, Pawlenty got the chance and showed that he knows his Gaga, the Washington Post writes. `Well you know, in terms of the beat, I like `Bad Romance,` Pawlenty said. `I gotta say, even though she`s a little unusual, `Born this Way` has some appeal." Read More 


Rumors that he`s gay have dogged presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty throughout his political career. My guess is that Pawlenty is a homosexual, it certainly wouldn`t be unusual for a "family values" Republican to be in the closet. Even when Pawlenty is railing against same-sex marriage, I get a gay vibe from him.

Pawlenty`s sexual orientation shouldn`t be an issue, it`s the possible issue of hypocrisy that troubles me. I am sick and tired of Republicans, especially the ones in the closet, demonizing gays and lesbians for political gain.

By publicly declaring his love for Lady Gaga is Pawlenty dropping a hint that`s he homosexual? I`m not suggesting that all gays love Lady Gaga, many gays and lesbians see the controversial diva for what she is: A Madonna wannabe who uses the homosexual community for fame and profit.

T-Paw putting his paws up for Lady Gaga, interesting, very interesting.

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