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Published:July 11th, 2011 17:02 EST
SOP Battle of The Band Featuring Hard2Face with 'Industry Girl'

SOP Battle of The Band Featuring Hard2Face with 'Industry Girl'

By SOP newswire2

"Dirty D" AKA "Street Genius"
Real Name: Diamond M. West AGE: 28 yrs old Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio (Uptown) Harvard Ave!!
"Dirty D" was raised by his grandmother Katherine West and move to Uptown (Cleveland, Ohio) at the age of 13 and shortly after starting rapping. With a musical background as a drum player, `Dirty D" has a natural rhythm that cannot be denied. From 1999 to 2003 "Dirty D" was featured on multiple underground tracks that rocked the streets of Cleveland. Some of "Dirty D`s" most influential people include Jay-Z, Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne, and President Obama. "Dirty D" has one Son named Damari and another on the way. In 2005 "Dirty D" was involved in a near fatal car crash and shortly after started working for T& B Sales, and joined Hard 2 Face with his fellow employees.

"G. Touch"
Real Name: Tarence Bullock AGE: 23 Yrs. old Hometown: Chase City, VA (Columbia Street)
Influences: Notorious Big, No Limit Soldiers & DJ Cool Past Group: C-N-R, TOA After more than 13 years of beating on picnic tables in Chase City, Virginia G. Touch fell in love with free styling and has been making music every since. Life in general has been a challenge for G. Touch and all of his past experiences made him who he is today. G.Touch intends on conquering life and staying fresh and in order to do so he has no problem making sacrifices now which will benefit him in the future. G. Touch intends on being not only a multi-platinum rapper, but also a business owner and in additional to being a member of Hard 3 Face, he is also a salesman for T& B Sales, Inc.

"Sky" AKA "The Skyy Walker"
Real Name: Michael Walker AGE: 26 Yrs Old Hometown: Detroit, Michigan (313- East side)
"Skyy" starting rapping at just 10 yrs. old with a group called "Toe Tag", although he never graduated from high school he was born with the trade of being a hustler. "Skyy" is willing to go above and beyond in order to reach his goals in the music business and plans on branching out into real estate, clothing designing, acting and owning his own traveling sales crew. "Skyy" has one daughter named Kamari Dashay Walker Levenston and is currently a top sales professional for T& B Sales, Inc. a traveling sales crew under the toolage of Mr. Timothy Burgess.

"The R.A.W" AKA The Realest Alive Walking
Real Name: Jon Brown DOB: 9/13/79 Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA"The R.A.W"
basically lives life to get his point across his persistence and ability to lead will take him far in life. Born in Pittsburgh, PA and shortly after moving to Raleigh, NC "The R.A.W" moved to the city that changed his life forever... Queens, New York! It was there that "The R.A.W" realized he would be a major factor in the entertainment business. Everything "The R.A.W" speaks on his records is his reality and he writes about his life. "The R.A.W" has never been afraid to stand up for what he believes in and dreams to be. Since 5 years old "The R.A.W" has been writing music and poetry which comes across when you listen to his flawless lyrical flow. Tupac, Mary J. Blige, Jodeci, NAS and whatevers good in life and sometimes bad is what keeps "The R.A.W" motivated. "L.L Cool J" called "The R.A.W" on the phone once and gave him some advice "L.L" told him "You gotta hot voice and look, change your style of the ladies and NEVER look back!". The R.A.W" has worked with the Ruff Ryders, Keyvous from MTV, Malika from Making the Band 3, and Papa Duck to name a few. Keep your eyes open and watch out for "The Realest Alive Walking" and the rest of the Hard 2 Face Family.

T. Jone AKA "Da Animal"
AGE: 29 Hometown: Chicago, IL (Westside)
"T. Jones" is the man behind all the madness when it comes to Hard 2 Face the life of any party and a socialite. "T. Jones" is the group`s producer and creates all of the original beats for their music. "T. Jones" is also the one who motivates the group and has a lot of influence over the groups musical decisions. Although "T. Jones" has faced many trials and tribulations his dedication, intestinal fortitude and positive mental attitude has kept him on top of his game. With more than 7 years of production under in belt "T. Jones" understands that the person recording the music and making the beats is just as important as the person in the booth, if not more important. Producers like Three Six Mafia, Swizz Beatz, and Timberland are some of his musical influences. "T. Jones"believes that everything and everyone in life is a new adventure and he has no problem pushing himself to the limit now, in life to ensure himself a bright and promising future. "T. Jones" is also a member of T& B Sales, Inc. as a traveling sales person.!/pages/HARD-2-FACE/171398662902074