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Published:July 13th, 2011 15:49 EST

Miracle: Gloucester The Hero Cat Survives Fall From 20-Story Apartment

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Weeks after a cat survived a 14-storey fall from her owner`s Manhattan flat, another has gone one better by recovering from a 20-storey plunge.

Gloucester, 16, survived the amazing fall from an Upper West Side flat last Monday, in the same area where Copper, nine, slipped out last month."


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Gloucester`s owners were on vacation when he fell from the window. A cat owner who lives in a skyscraper should never leave his window open, especially if he isn`t home to monitor his kitty. An insect or a bird flying near the open window can prompt the foolish feline to jump or fall out.

Gloucester survived his fall without chipping a tooth or breaking a bone. A cat who has suffered such a horrifying ordeal deserves a treat; I hope his owners will pamper him and set up a Twitter account for him. I`m sure there are hundreds of cat lovers who would love to read tweets from Gloucester the cat.

Gloucester was taken to the vet by the cat sitter, he is expected to fully recover but I wouldn`t be surprised if he develops a phobia about sitting on window ledges.

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