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Published:July 18th, 2011 12:42 EST

Mutant Albino Snake With Two Heads Dead-Ringer For Casey Anthony

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A snake with two heads, each able to think and eat separately and even steal food from each other, has become a popular attraction at a Ukrainian zoo.

The small albino California Kingsnake, now on show in the Black Sea resort of Yalta is quite a handful, zoo workers told AFP.



If this weird snake were in a California zoo, he`d have his own Facebook page and reality show by now.

If this mutant albino snake eats its young, it should be named "Casey Anthony" in honor of the deathly pale child-killer from Florida.

Casey Anthony` head and Jeffrey Dahmer`s head should share the same body in hell; I don`t think the Anthony/Dahmer monstrosity would win any hot body contests in hell.

The two heads snatch food from each other, even though they share the same stomach. How long will it take before Casey crawls out of hiding and tries to snatch every money-making opportunity?

Casey Anthony should be in a cage in a zoo, right next to the two-headed snake.

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