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Published:July 19th, 2011 12:01 EST
Judyth Piazza chats with International Bestselling Author Jack Engelhard

Judyth Piazza chats with International Bestselling Author Jack Engelhard

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Jack Engelhard is best known as the author of the novel Indecent Proposal. This book, with its high moral dilemma content ("What would you do for a million dollars?"), was translated into more than 22 languages and became a bestseller around the world. Later, it was turned into an equally famous movie of the same title starring Robert Redford and Demi Moore.

Engelhard`s latest novel, the political-newsroom thriller, The Bathsheba Deadline, has been running as a serial on In fact, it is Amazon`s first serialized novel. The Bathsheba Deadline has now been published in paperback. Bestselling author Robert Spencer hails the novel as "a rousing thriller." Writer Letha Hadady calls it "a towering literary achievement."

Engelhard`s other published works include the memoir Escape From Mount Moriah and The Days of the Bitter End. This novel is about JFK, Greenwich Village and the 1960s, and traces the life of a comedian whose only act was impersonating JFK-and what happened to this impersonator and the rest of his generation after the assassination of JFK. A movie is in the works for The Days of the Bitter End.

Engelhard also enjoys an international reputation as a journalist. He writes on politics and culture with what`s called "a light touch."

Engelhard`s family escaped the Nazi invasion of France and found refuge, first in Canada and, later, in the United States. Engelhard became an American citizen in 1961 and considers himself an American patriot.

He loves thoroughbred racing, a pastime that inspired his very first book entitled, The Horsemen. Engelhard roots for the Cincinnati Reds in baseball and the Montreal Canadiens in hockey. He served as an American volunteer in Israel.

He holds a brown belt in Krav Maga, Israeli martial arts. His books have been praised for their "moral intensity" (author Michael Foster), and his writing style has been acclaimed as "vivid, cool and muscular" (The Philadelphia Inquirer).


The Bathsheba Deadline takes its theme from the oldest love triangle of them all, when, 3,000 years ago, righteous King David, weakened by temptation, dispatched Uriah to the forefront of the most dangerous battle in order to possess Uriah`s sensationally beautiful wife, Bathsheba.

Fast forward and we have a new King David, only his name is Jay Garfield, blessed with good looks and power, and a new Bathsheba. Call her Lyla, and call her sultry and beautiful. Jay Garfield presides over his own kingdom, the Manhattan Independent, a most influential daily newspaper based in New York. As managing editor, he rules the news, but not his emotions.

Against a whirlwind of newsroom intrigue and international politics, Jay Garfield finds himself dazzled by his book editor, Lyla Crawford. She`s got the looks and the brains to hook any guy she wants, but she chose Jay. At Lyla`s irresistible urging, they begin a steamy newsroom love affair, which has no place to go, because she`s married to Phil Crawford, another reporter at the same paper.

A slight case of not-entirely-secret adultery turns menacing when Phil embraces Islam as his new religion.

"A rousing thriller about clashing ideals, clashing moral standards, and clashing civilizations. The Bathsheba Deadline is a page-turner with much more than just entertainment value (although, it delivers that in abundance). It is an insightful, courageous look inside the headlines. Bravo, Jack Engelhard."

-Author, Robert Spencer

"Jack Engelhard`s The Bathsheba Deadline is a s(e)xual/political thriller every bit as compelling as his perennial bestseller, Indecent Proposal. The Bathsheba Deadline weaves a tight web of suspense in which the reader is caught, fascinated. We love it, every tense, fascinating minute."

-Author, Letha Hadady

"Punchy style reminiscent of everything we may have loved about Papa Hemingway. Engelhard rocks!"

-Author, Adam Daniel Mezei

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