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Published:July 24th, 2011 09:44 EST

Beer Cans Left Behind At Amy Winehouse's Memorial! Insult Or Fitting?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Fans of the late Amy Winehouse have been visiting the area surrounding her home in Camden Square and leaving an array of somewhat fitting items in her memory, including empty beer cans and wine glasses."


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At the scene of the Amy`s death fans left behind bouquets of flowers, cards and signs, all of the usual items left behind at a memorial.

But some fans left an array of dubious items like empty beer cans and wine glasses. I wouldn`t be surprised if some folks will also leave behind syringes and bongs.

I don`t think that the people who left behind beer cans and wine glasses meant to disrespect the pop diva. Alcohol and drugs were an integral part of the troubled singer`s life, and in her death we remember her remarkable talent, and her addiction to drugs and alcohol.

The evil that men do lives on after them, and no doubt many impressionable teens followed Amy down the path of alcohol and drug addiction. That`s why it`s altogether fitting and proper that the pop diva`s memorial included bottles of liquor and beer cans.

But I hope that there were a few copies of Amy`s albums left behind at her memorial.

It should make us wonder what items will our friends and family leave behind at our memorial?

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