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Published:July 24th, 2011 11:45 EST
The Ability of Scotland Yard to Investigate Crime Has Seriously Come Into Question

The Ability of Scotland Yard to Investigate Crime Has Seriously Come Into Question

By SOP newswire2

Dear John G. Kays,

Here in America, intellectual pursuit, an endangered species, has long been nourished by BBC`s broadcast of works by Agatha Christie, Colin Dexter, John Mortimer, and of course the immortal Arthur Conan Doyle. As poorly as I do in solving any of her mysteries, I am convinced that had I been exposed to Dame Agatha from an early age, my own critical faculties would have been honed a bit sharper. Sadly, the BBC exports of late pander to a taste for the lurid: vampires, depravity, and bestiality (I really believe this is what BBC, quite possibly taking its cue from what Murdoch has found sells in America these days.)

What has been coming out of England the past several years gives the impression that if only the energy of Miss Marple, Inspectors Morse and Poirot and old Rumpole spinning in their graves could be harnessed, the nation`s dependency on fossil fuel could be eliminated.  The ability (or even proclivity) of Scotland Yard to investigate crime has seriously come into question. This month`s news, out of Michigan, not London, that the remains in Crippen`s basement were not those of his wife, or even a woman raises suspicion that the rot goes back a long way.  But just in the recent past, consider:

1. David Kelly, whose work helped demonstrate that there were no "weapons of mass destruction," a major justification for ruinous war in  Iraq, and who wrote "I will probably be found dead in the woods" suffers exactly that fate, and is branded a suicide.

2. David Cameron`s local Tory chairman Christopher Shale, whose comments that the party had come to be regarded as crassly money-grubbing were mysteriously leaked, is even more mysteriously  found dead  immediately thereafter. The organizer of the Glastonbury festival he was attending is quoted as saying, the same day; he had heard it was a suicide. A news blackout follows.

3. Now the death of Sean Hoare at the very moment where his testimony would be vital. From press reporting, however, one can only wonder that he was ever able to put pen to paper, besotted and drug-laced as he was. The Wall Street Journal (for me, one of the few good things to come out of the NoW affair was the realization that Murdock owns this too*) dismisses his death, as does everyone else, with the briefest possible comment "nothing of a suspicious nature was found."

Still, I am encouraged to have stumbled upon the Student Operated Press, which I have bookmarked in my NEWS file. There is always hope when energetic youthful minds focus on a problem (Sir Isaac Newton comes to mind). The French have a saying, "Cherchez l`argent" (or is it cherchez la femme)- I will give you a clue: about the only ones who can afford advertising on PBS these days are Boeing and Northrup Grumman.

R. Tartell

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