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Published:July 24th, 2011 17:59 EST

Will Says... Obama & Boehner Sitting in a Tree A V O I D ing... First Come Love, Then?

By Will Roberts

Will Says...

Politicians have to stop acting like they don`t live in the same house. It`s gotten so bad that the Republicans are treating the Democrats like they`re the girlfriend they just dumped. You know avoiding them, but still leaving them hangin, just in case they need something from them at a later date, like when nothing else is available... You know what I mean, OR is that just a guy thing?

Will Says... Cartoon:

Boehner, the President has wine & dined you, played golf & now you won`t return his phone calls...

John, it`s Barack, was it something I said? I`ve called 3 times, I think your screening your calls, please call me.

Is it me or is the GOP playing hard to get?

Your friend,

Will Roberts
Modern Day Will Rogers
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