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Published:July 25th, 2011 11:47 EST
Become a Part of History in a Winning Hockey Jersey!

Become a Part of History in a Winning Hockey Jersey!

By Tom Ski

The New York Rangers are THE most famous hockey team on ice!  Playing their home games in the incredible Madison Square Garden, The Rangers are one of the oldest teams in the NHL, having joined in 1926 when they became a part of the Original Six. The Rangers were also the first NHL franchise in the United States to win the highly acclaimed Stanley Cup (which they have done four times).  AND Shop4Teams makes it a point, with their fantastic line of hockey uniforms and hockey jerseys. Their products are of the absolute highest quality in order to cover the next generation of true winners!   

Not a great many people know about the Original Six.  In fact, it was Tex Rickard, president of Madison Square Garden, who was awarded an NHL franchise for the 1926-27 season to compete with the now-defunct New York Americans,  also known as the Amerks.  This team proved to be an even greater success than expected during their inaugural season, which led to Rickard`s pursuit to acquire a second team for the Garden, which was quickly nicknamed Tex`s Rangers.  The Rangers first hockey jersey logo was a horse sketched in blue carrying a cowboy waving a hockey stick, but before long, our familiar Rangers came into being!  And this team turned out to be winners extraordinaire.   

Shop4Teams was founded a little later than Tex`s Rangers.  In 1985, this amazing company appeared that offers a truly remarkable site filled with the best of the best "for YOU and YOUR winning sports team!  Not to mention, they guarantee the lowest prices on warm-ups, mascot costumes, hockey uniforms, winning hockey jerseys, hockey equipment and hockey accessories.  With discounts up to 50% off available, the world of sports uniforms and sports equipment has never looked better!  YOU, YOUR team, YOUR school - everyone - can choose from the best colors, best fabrics, the quickest delivery, and most amazing prices anywhere!   

Now, for the Original Six. This is a term for the group of six teams that composed the NHL between the 1942 and the 1967 NHL Expansion.  These six teams are the Bruins, Black Hawks, Red Wings, Rangers, and the Maple Leafs - and are all still active franchises in the league.  

The NHL actually consisted of ten teams during the 1920`s, but the league was hit as hard as everyone else during the Great Depression.  Then, along came World War II, which provided its own severe punishment to the NHL as it lost a great many teams, when Canada entered the war in September 1939 and players left for military service.  Americans suspended operations in 1942, leaving the NHL with just the six teams, and despite efforts to expand after the War, the Original Six would remain by themselves for twenty-five seasons.    

Early on The Rangers wore the winning hockey jerseys, and their success led to players becoming celebrities in New York City`s  `Roaring 20s` nightlife.  It was also during this time, playing at the Garden, that The Rangers began to wear their now-famous hockey jerseys which brought on the nickname, The Broadway Blueshirts.    

The Rangers - in every era - went beyond a hockey team - they WERE hockey.  The thrills they offered (and still do) to their devoted fans were unmatched.  Much like The Rangers, at Shop4Teams there is only the thrill of the game, as they provide the best fabrics, prices, and fastest service for YOU and YOUR team`s winning hockey uniforms, hockey jerseys, and hockey accessories.  They are always there to provide the perfect hockey jersey to the next winning team!       

Whether youth sports, high school teams, college teams, or the grand ice stage of the NHL, they relise the ultimate energy and fire that stems from the world of hockey! 

Make no mistake, THIS is the site that`s made for YOU and YOUR hockey team!!   

In only their second season, The Rangers won the Stanley Cup in 1927-28, defeating the Montreal Maroons.  Then, in 1932-33, The Rangers took the Cup once again, as they defeated the Toronto Maple Leafs.  In the 1939-40 NHL season, The Rangers would go on to win in overtime, taking the series four games to two to earn their third Stanley Cup.  But, then what is still called The Curse of 1940 took the wind out of the New York Rangers` sails.  

During the 1940-41 season, the mortgage on the Madison Square Garden arena was paid off.   Not thinking, the management of the Madison Square Garden Corporation symbolically burned the mortgage in the Stanley Cup, causing hockey fans across the globe to gasp!  The Stanley Cup is regarded as a sacred object, and fans believed that it had been desecrated and dishonored, which led the hockey gods to place a curse on The Rangers.  And, boy, did the curse work!     

Not only did the team set out year after year to bring home the Cup and LOSE, but The Madison Square Garden Corporation suddenly found out that they could rake in far more dough by kicking out The Rangers and bringing in the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus " one spring.  This incredible choice forced The Rangers AND the National Basketball Association`s New York Knicks, to find different arenas to play in DURING their playoffs.  And the losses just kept on coming.   

By 1993, The Rangers had not won the Stanley Cup in fifty-four years, but everyone else in New York seemed to be bringing home the  `gold` with no problem.  Even their competitors, The New York Islanders, had won four Stanley Cups.  In 1992, The Rangers actually entered the Stanley Cup Finals - determined to end their curse with a bang!  Now they almost didn`t.  The game was essentially over and Ranger fans were rushing out on the ice to celebrate, BUT an official stated that they actually had 1.6 seconds to go which literally could have taken the Cup away yet again.  Officials ordered a face-off in the Rangers zone, but because of a very good or evil plan - depending on how you want to look at it - two players decided to commit fouls on the final drop of the puck, and The Rangers kept their win.  This became the most-watched  `CBS` sports program in history, and the most debated hockey game that will most likely ever be played.   

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