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Published:July 22nd, 2014 12:02 EST
"Only the Good Die Young!"

"Only the Good Die Young!"

By Will Roberts

Will Says... You know that old saying: "Only the Good Die Young!"

*Amy Winehouse
*Kurt Cobain
*Elvis Presley
*Janis Joplin
*Michael Jackson
*Jimmy Hendricks

Maybe that should read:

"Sometimes the Good Die SPRUNG!"

Sprung out is more like it. Now, I am not knocking these superstars positive impact on culture or society. But I would say that doing something good and following it with something bad, like up and dying so young, because of a poor decision, well thats a waste of life in more ways then one. Rest in peace... And I have always said: if only the good die young, I hope I have enough bad in me to last awhile.

I know you might think that doing hard drugs might make you cool, and it does, For a long time... From the morgue - eternity!

Will Roberts