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Published:July 28th, 2011 10:21 EST

Madonna Impersonator Lady Gaga Wants To Be Ordained To Marry Gay Friends

By Robert Paul Reyes

"DEARLY beloved, gathered here today to join two people in holy matrimony will be " Lady Gaga.

She says she wants to be ordained as a minister to marry her gay friends now legislation allowing same-sex marriages in New York has gone through."


It`s great that Lady Gaga wants to be an ordained minister, she can marry Britney Spears the next time she wants to make a mockery of marriage by getting hitched to a dude she`s just met.

But it would be a huge mistake for a gay couple to let the goofball Madonna impersonator preside over their wedding. Conservatives allege that same-sex marriage is a farce, why give them ammunition by letting a freak like Lady Gaga make a mockery of the institution of marriage?

A wise couple, gay or straight, wouldn`t let the DJ play any Lady Gaga songs at their wedding, let alone let the Madonna copycat officiate at their wedding.

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