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Published:July 29th, 2011 11:56 EST
FlyRydaz The #1 'Pop' Group Unveils a Perfect Sound - The Dubstep!

FlyRydaz The #1 'Pop' Group Unveils a Perfect Sound - The Dubstep!

By Krista Boyer
That Girl a Killa


Ladies and gentlemen, every other week I tell you about a seriously amazing pop band by the name of FlyRydaz.  Recently they were headliners for the Road to Recovery Tour that supported the organization, Our Forgotten Warriors - a fundraiser held in Tacoma, Washington.  FlyRydaz was an absolute smash hit that brought down the walls with a performance filled with heart, soul, and strength that entertained the audience with every song they sang!   

Rook, Woodz, and React are the three young men who came together to FINALLY give the music industry a true "pop` band who knows what they`re doing, while supplying audiences with pure entertaining and exciting performances.  I want you to think about this for a second.  In the world right now - from publishing to music - the head honchos " are putting things out there that are depressing, disgusting, political, and creepy.  The people in charge " have lost the one thing that readers, listeners, fans - everybody - craves more than anything else on earth "Fun!!     

The reason why books like "Harry Potter` made billions of dollars is because this world needs to have entertainment.  People are tired of pain and war, which is why readers stuck to the "boy wizard` like glue - a young man who taught love, friendship, and class.  The music industry is exactly the same.  Bands are coming out left and right that are preaching (mostly screaming) about politics, sex, drugs "subjects that are completely and utterly un-fun!  Listeners and audiences want to be intrigued, inspired, and entertained - and the music industry, along with the publishing world, NEED to understand that the people in America want joy.  Publishers, movies, and the music realm NEED to start delivering to the American people the fun and delight that we all crave.  (After all, if we want depression, all we have to do is turn on the news.)   

FlyRydaz has it!  They are the new "pop` kings who have a fantastic electric vibe that makes audiences scream with delight.  Their fans are having an absolute ball, and they are quickly learning the vision and perfection of FlyRydaz`s sound.  A sound, by the way, that is referred to as dubstep. "  FlyRydaz has actually been rejuvenating the music industry by offering a huge adrenaline rush to audiences across the country.   

These young men are not just talented performers.  The members of FlyRydaz put their hearts and souls into absolutely everything they do.  Their career is not just something they`re "giving a shot at` - these men are headed toward Hall of Fame status.  The Cradle of Liberty " - Boston, Massachusetts - is the home of FlyRydaz, and now the rest of the world is finally getting the opportunity to listen to the best "pop` band that`s come down the pike in a good, long time.   

Now, for those of you who don`t know, dubstep " is a type of sound that has literally evolved throughout history; a sound " that brings an electric vibe that makes audiences members dance with joy.  In fact, FlyRydaz is teaching audiences across the country the new angle that dubstep " brings to the pop music world.  The dubstep " is a genre of electronic dance music that actually began in south London, England.  It`s overall sound has been described as tightly coiled productions with overwhelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples, and occasional vocals. "   

The earliest dubstep " was released back in 1998 when the sound was "darker` and more experimental; instrumental remixes that incorporated the funky elements of "break beat,` or the dark elements of drum and bass.  In 2001, this and other "dark` music began to be showcased and promoted at London`s famous night club, Forward.   

While dubstep " is its own distinct form of electronic music, its roots go all the way back to the Jamaican dub " sound that came across as a slightly disco beat. "  This sound was an integral moment in the evolution of electronic music - both in Britain and worldwide.   

Audiences and fans of FlyRydaz love listening to their stunning dubstep " sound.  In fact, they line up at FlyRydaz concerts just waiting to have an evening of fun and entertainment listening to FlyRydaz`s truly electric vocals and melodies that offer them a perfect night out!  Crowds have come together from all over New England, and they`re growing in number, as FlyRydaz brings their new "pop` vibe to fans from Boston to Philadelphia - New Hampshire to New York.     

Let`s be honest, FlyRydaz has not only carved a unique niche out for themselves, but that "niche` has grown into a proverbial gorge.  The popularity of these three magnetic performers is expanding to other states and parts of the country far away from New England, as more and more listeners across the nation get a chance to see, feel, and hear that incredible FlyRydaz dubstep " energy.     

Songs like Boston Anthem, That Girl`s a Killa`; Just My Type; and Jungle Juice Drunk, are serious "bring down the house` tunes that make FlyRydaz crowds go crazy.  And the three men behind these lyrics have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are true masters of the "pop` music world.   

To recap, Rook is a young man who has excelled at a variety of individual projects, such as his amazing mixtape titled, The Boy Who Could Fly, " which is available at the group`s website.  He has also performed and traveled with FlyRydaz, gaining fan after fan with his amazing talent and "electric pop sound.`  Now Rook has also been involved in the modeling and acting world ever since he was the age of five and was a member of the PBS daily show, Zoom! " - until he threw himself into the world of "pop` music and FlyRydaz began to grow from an incredible band to an ultra-famous group.       

Woodz is a founding member of FlyRydaz, and has the incredible gift of being able to write the lyrics that make FlyRydaz fans go crazy.  This dynamic writer and performer is a professional who knows and understands the "pop` music world, and offers each and every one of FlyRydaz audience members a truly thrilling and "electric`  night.      

The third monumentally talented performer that is a part of FlyRydaz goes by the name of React.  Beginning with a group called SRS, React soon decided to join his brother Woodz.  React is a truly fantastic performer, and his talent makes the FlyRydaz audiences scream with delight every time they take the stage.   

FlyRydaz is quickly becoming a household name. "  As they cross the country unveiling the electric sound of their dubstep, " fans everywhere are attaching themselves to this incredible band who offer hope, inspiration, and sheer and utter fun!  Their fantastic pop lyrics and melodies are truly unforgettable, allowing the FlyRydaz fan club to grow bigger and bigger every single day.     

Hopefully, soon, each and every city in the U.S. will be given the gift " of being able to see FlyRydaz in concert in their own backyard, and get a listen to the dubstep " sound delivered from the best new "pop` band on the scene!   

Until Next Time, Everybody!


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