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Published:August 6th, 2011 12:03 EST

Lady Gaga To Play Amy Winehouse In Biopic? Dear God, Say It Ain't So!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Lady Gaga may soon be parlaying her talents into the big screen: The pop singer is reportedly in talks with Hollywood producers about playing Amy Winehouse in a new film about the singer`s tragic life."


Amy Winehouse was a gifted singer and an a talented songwriter, her confessional lyrics spoke of love, pain and betrayal. Listening to a Winehouse song puts you through an emotional wringer -- you tap your toes and clutch your heart at the same time.

Amy`s personal life blended with her public life, her messy and dissolute lifestyle was played out in the pubs of London and in the UK tabloids.

Amy did little to protect her brand, she didn`t care about polishing her image. The troubled singer`s passions in life were her music and addictions. Amy was as real as an overdose, she was the essence of authenticity.

Lady Gaga is a gifted singer, but a hack songwriter. Her controversial lyrics are meant to make the cash register ring. Listening to a Gaga song is like chewing bubble gum, after a few minutes the taste is gone and you spit it out.

Lady Gaga`s personal life is just that -- personal. All we see of the pop diva is her fake persona, we see the shell, but we never see the soul. Lady Gaga is the epitome of artifice, there is nothing real about her. Her accent is fake, her music is a poor imitation of Madonna, and her public personality is a put on.

It`s bad enough that Lady Gaga has been playing Madonna for years, I would be outraged if Lady Gaga is chosen to play Amy Winehouse in a movie.

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