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Published:August 6th, 2011 10:53 EST
Wishing it Were Visible

Wishing it Were Visible

By Abhishek Kumar

Trapped lonely in an un-inhabited desert, I tried to measure each and every corner of it.

Scorching bright sun, sparkling sand dunes and treacherous mirages kept my eye lids reduced to a quarter. Another day of struggle could have killed me.

Finally, the sun started setting down and the full day torture was over. Ended up with all my wits to execute an escape, tired and lost with hope, I looked up on the sky preparing for my final prayer.

What was that? Yet another complication of physics? Another form of mirage? A Rainbow? Or aurora? Or what? May be some super natural phenomenon or may be god!

Some mysterious lines, white, red, green yellow and blue in colour, waving and Chris-crossing each other in a jumbled way.

As the scene got darker, the lines started shining deep. Thirsty and perplexed with the scenario I found the concentration of it more towards one side of the horizon. Tracing those glowing lines seemed to be the only life saver for me.

Moving towards it from dusk to mid night stretched my physical and mental capacity to its threshold. The lines seemed guiding me towards the correct direction. The deaf calm silent was turning to be a celebrating party of crickets!

Wow! At least someone was there with me on that lonely planet. Then I saw a dim, waving, glowing light behind a thorn scrub.

Water! Was it?

Yes it was!

I dipped into it and filled my stomach up to the brim. Still bewildered with my hollow senses about those sparkling lines I felt asleep.

It was yet another hopeful dawn for me. The layers of dust over my eye lids were making me difficult to look around. Washing my face in water, I saw the same glowing lines emerging from the other side of the pond, radiating out and joining the same river of lines in the sky. Oh! That was a tiger; he was releasing them through his left foreleg!

My malnourished body and mind were making it difficult for me to stress them anymore. Anyhow I continued following the aerial river. The lines were deepening so much so that they were becoming quite apparent even in the day light.

Then I saw an artificial ridge of stones running all the way from my left to right. I doubted, wished and prayed for it to be a road. And guess what? It was!

After an hour or two, I saw a small cloud of the same glowing lines approaching towards me.

What is that? Will that burn me? Will that gulp me? Will that kill me? " surrounded with confusion and frightenedness I valiantly waited for it to come.

The closer it approached the more it appeared to be a passenger trekker. People like me were sitting in it but almost all of them were releasing those mysterious lines from their pockets. The kid playing a radio also seemed to be connected to the sky via those lines.

The van entered in to yet another cloud. This was their village. It was becoming almost impossible for me to trace anything in the background of these Chris-crossing glowing lines. Be it day, be it night, they were every time and every where. Some of them even penetrated me; my chest, my brain, my hands, my everything.

Those life saving lines started turning out to be cruel arrows to me, which would penetrate anything to reach its destination.

After a halt of three days I moved towards my city. On the road, came on another cloud called bus, gulped me in and dropped me in a bigger cloud of radiations called "railway station`. I literally had to wear dark sunglasses even in the evening to discard the glowing world around me.

It was a shiny bright afternoon when I landed up in my city. Everything had mysteriously changed since I left it a month ago.

The newspaper hawkers delivering papers so late? Traffic so smooth even in the afternoon? Road side dwellers brushing their teeth so late? People jogging in this bright afternoon?

Good morning sir " said one cloud!

Did I hear that?

Was that morning? Where was the sun?

No where! It was still dark for them.

Walking through the streets I saw a source of rays, as bright as sun, lying by the roadside. A broken internet wire `the watchman` told.

Do u see those bright rays from that `wire watchman?` I asked

But his opprobrious smile, gave me enough hint of his refusal.

 The homes, hospitals, buses, cars, people, airports, offices, shops and malls, everything seemed to be radiating in and out those mystical lines of light. But there was no one else who could see them except me. A television advertisement of a mobile phone described my status when they showed imaginary galaxies above everybody`s heads.

Then I browsed  `google earth` to see the satellite pictures of the earth and was amazed to see only a sphere of waving bright lines of light. Where was the blue planet? Was it Earth or something else?

Zooming further I found many bright spots on it. some of them metropolis, some nuclear power plants, some oil rigs, some military bases, some ocean monitoring stations, some forest monitoring stations even the top of The Himalayas, The Andes and the cold dessert of Antarctica; all had its signature of glow.   

The pockets, ears and even the hearts of some people were radiating them. I was killed almost every second by those trespassing and penetrating lines. I could see those waving lines entering my head and emerging out from other side of it. It was annoying and frustrating. It was becoming unbearable for me to live in days of 24 hours. Went to a doctor, but he made me pass through another machines of cloud to get my medical examinations done.

What has happened to me? These lifesaving lines of me are turning to be a killing therapy for me. The struggle is nothing less than that in lonely the desert.

I am trying to adapt them all, but the problem goes far beyond. Why can`t others see these magnetic lines of forces? Wish it were visible to all.