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Published:August 8th, 2011 11:40 EST
D`Driva  A True Renaissance Man!

D`Driva A True Renaissance Man!

By Krista Boyer
Hard to live Easy to Die

Okay readers, you absolutely loved the interview with this new rap/hip hop singer and songwriter.  And I completely understand why.  It didn`t take much after meeting and listening to D`Driva`s fantastic album, Hood Rich, before I was absolutely on board with his most devoted fans.         

This week I wanted to discuss one of D`Driva`s answers during our interview, because he is the only performer who ever answered it differently.  I ask all performers and artists to name their own music idols, and I am always presented with a list in that performer`s specific music genre, that are the overall "best of the best` throughout decades of music history.  However, D`Driva`s answer sparked my attention:  Well, I really never looked to them as idols, or had a favorite, because I listen to all types of music including, R&B, Rap, Country, Jazz, and Blues. "   

Why did this answer get my blood flowing?  Because D`Driva - with his words - automatically became the definition of a Renaissance Man.  Now, historically, a Renaissance Man is a person whose expertise spans a significant number of subject areas, or a person who is very knowledgeable.  When I read D`Driva`s answer, I was taken by the fact that he is one performer who has not pigeon-holed himself into a specific category.  His influences, his interests, and his life`s education, include every genre of music.  And being that interested in so many things has given D`Driva a knowledge of the music industry that others just don`t possess.   

Although hip hop/rap is D`Driva`s career label at the moment, he has not thrown himself into a corner.  Like the Renaissance Men of the past, D`Driva relishes all ideas and listens to the world around him.  He can hear and feel a melody, a beat, or the "vibe` of a fantastic lyric located in a song in ANY genre, and can understand the artistry that makes the song a true and utter hit.   

The idea of Renaissance Man was developed in Renaissance Italy, where Battista said, a man can do all things if he will.  He went further to educate the world, saying that a Renaissance Man was empowered and his capacity, creativity and ideas were vast.  Hence, these gifted men would develop their skills in all areas of the "arts.`  Which is exactly what D`Driva has done.     

This rap/hip hop performer and writer is among the "gifted` people who took the time to learn about the world around him.  He lived life - with all its tragedies and hardships along the way; and living life is the only way to be able to write songs that people will truly enjoy and understand.     

Entertainment is a huge key to success in the music industry.  After all, who wants to go to a live concert and be bored out of their minds?  And, I have to be honest, nowadays there are less than a handful of artists who put in the immense amount of time needed to plan and deliver a performance that an audience will truly never forget.  Therefore, a good show may be seen, but a great show is a treasure that can`t be found.  D`Driva is the cure!   

DeJuan Driva is the heart and soul of this man, just as D`Driva is the face and name that is recognizable to the fans.  To recap, this is a man who survived some very great ordeals to be where he is today, and he has the authority and life experience to be able to send his messages loud and clear to the people who want to hear something better, something fresh, and something unforgettable!   

His first CD, Hood Rich, is almost like standing in front of a volcano and watching it erupt.  The heat, the thrill, the almost "fantasy-like` power that D`Driva`s voice contains, makes all listeners sit on the edge of their seats wondering what is going to happen next.  D`Driva is a man who genuinely loves his craft, his audiences, and has a gratitude for the life he is living now.  Through faith, perseverance, and a strength that is rarely, if ever, seen in the music industry - let alone the rest of the world - D`Driva is quickly becoming THE best rap/hip hop artist of our time.    

Remember "D`Driva is that super + star.  Not the tabloid snapping superstars with their heavy silver chains, exaggerated walk, and peace signs held above their heads, when they have no idea of what peace even is.  No.  D`Driva has shown himself to be a Super Star, which is a person with unique character, definite class, and an unmatched talent that is  bringing rap and hip hop back into the mainstream with no gimmicks - just talent!   

I want you all to remember this, because D`Driva needs to be stamped into your brains!  This is a performer who you will WANT - no - NEED to listen to in order to find that rush of excitement, anticipation, and all-out adrenalin which you haven`t been able to find.  D`Driva was headed for a career in football - the gridiron was his first love - until the basketball court became the biggest challenge to overcome.  You see, D`Driva was 5`3 " at the time and was actually cut from the basketball team.  This may have seemed like the ultimate "slap` when he was in school, but that slap ignited a passion so deep inside his soul that D`Driva would later use that in his songs, beats, melodies, and powerhouse lyrics.  He went back the next year - four inches taller - and did make the team, but a car accident would change D`Driva`s life forever.     

What began as a horrific point in someone`s life birthed the writer!  This Renaissance Man was now a well of feelings and emotions who had the ability to put on paper what others wanted and needed to hear.  This driving force turned from the written word into powerful songs that have gathered fans to D`Driva`s side!  And, if you`re all as smart as I think you are, you will be right there beside D`Driva listening to the best rap/hip hop artist to come along in decades!   

The writer, the singer, the performer, the artist - the passionate mind, heart, and soul that D`Driva possesses - most certainly make him a true Renaissance Man!   

Until Next Time, Everybody   

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