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Published:August 13th, 2011 20:31 EST
Has the God Particle Been Found: Evidence of DNA Components Found in Space on Meteorites

Has the God Particle Been Found: Evidence of DNA Components Found in Space on Meteorites

By Ron G Anselm


NASA continues its research into all branches of science especially in the research of space and astronomy. One interesting piece of research by NASA has revealed that meteorites can be the building blocks of DNA and scientist have known this since the 1960s but did not have enough evidence at that time to be able to prove whether the building block of DNA that were found in space was the result of either contamination that may have been created by Terrestrial life of was it true DNA that was really being created in space.

The latest research and evidence has proved that certain nucleobases which is the main building block for our genetic material and DNA reach earth on meteorites in larger number that scientist previously thought.

Science has been looking for new ways to put together the scientific aspect of the biological molecule and the chemistry inside meteorites has now proven to be one of the main building blocks of accomplishing this.

On one of NASA`s many mission, they discovered samples of amino acids on sample of the Comet Wild Two which was researched on NASA`s Stardust Mission. Also, other forms and types of amino acids have been found on other various meteorites while NASA was on that research mission.

Amino acids are the main ingredient in making proteins. Proteins are really the workhorse molecule of life. Proteins are found in just about everything pertaining to human life including the structure of your hair to other biological functions. Proteins also help to speed up chemical reactions.

In the findings of DNA traces in meteorites, nine of those meteorites that were researched were found in Antarctica. And those meteorites that were found and researched from Antarctica were discovered to have traces of adenine and guanine, which are components of DNA nucleobases.

Also, in two of the meteorites, the team discovered for the first time trace amounts of three molecules related to nucleobases that almost never are used in biology. These nucleobase-related molecules, called  nucleobase analogs, provide the first evidence that the compounds in the meteorites came from space and not terrestrial contamination.

Michael Callahan who is an Astrobiologist stated, "You would not expect to see these nucleobase analogs if contamination from terrestrial life was the source, because they`re not used in biology. However, if asteroids are behaving like chemical `factories` cranking out prebiotic material, you would expect them to produce many variants of nucleobases, not just the biological ones, because of the wide variety of ingredients and conditions in each asteroid." (Callahan, 2011)

With the new discovery of possible DNA in space who know in the future what medical advances can come about from this new discovery or maybe even the old research of human cloning can now have new light shed on it and science can continue to fascinate the world with new discoveries found from old research.



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