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Published:August 14th, 2011 15:41 EST

Poems by two brothers... Ed Roberts and Chase Von...

By Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)

What You Can`t Take

You can take my car

You can take my house

You can take my money

You can take my job

You can take my things

My clothes

Every single item I possess

Am I still not the same

You can take my friends

You can take my parents

You can take my wife

My children

You can even take my life

All of these were gifts

None were made to last forever

You can not take my faith

You can`t touch my hope

You might break my heart

My body


You shall never reach my soul

For that I have already surrendered

For my God to forever hold

Ed Roberts 3/24/01


They laugh

But it is fake

Because if you look closely

The smile doesn`t reach their eyes

They pretend to be loving

But if you take the time

To go after them

When they leave a room

You will see them doing something else

And that instead of loving

They use love or the imitation of it

As a weapon

They lie

They cheat

They steal


They curse God

Because even though

They are people

They have demons in them

If you are reading this

You might be over five years old

And know how to read

Or you might be one of the lucky one`s

Given more time to figure this out

And over thirty or forty or yes even a hundred

If you leave the door open

Flies will come in

Flies rhymes with lies

Five, forty, fifty or a hundred

We are not in the same league as

The ones that have been around for a thousand years

Or more

That cry black tears

And are the reason

We have all heard

Misery loves company

There is no way

You who are human

Can deal with an Angel


A fallen Angel

But God gave His Son

And if we accept Him and His gift

We have a way out

It is however

Something most dismiss, or ignore or don`t even sadly

Know about

God is huge

But to get to God

You have to know it is not a huge pathway

It is a sliver

Of light

And those that know that God is real and God is just

Pray as well

That others

Will find

That sliver of light

By Chase Von


The Last Panther

All rights reserved