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Published:August 20th, 2011 10:05 EST

Video: Sarah Palin's 'Iowa Passion" Exposes Her Narcissism

By Robert Paul Reyes

Every now and then Mama Grizzly Sarah Palin comes out of hibernation and struts her stuff in front of the press to keep her brand name alive. The former half-term governor drops a few hints that she`s going to enter the presidential race, blasts the media, and then she returns to Alaska.

palinEvery time one of the GOP presidential aspirants gains traction, we can expect the former beauty queen to restart her bus tour or engage in another publicity stunt. Palin`s act is getting old, but the faithful can`t get enough of it.

The reality star has released a new video that features moments from her recent visit to the Iowa State Fair. This video is another attempt by the shameless huckster to keep her name in the news.

The video is a paean to the Fox News talking head, it depicts her in the best light and features citizens gushing over their heroine. Palin wears a form-fitting V-neck T-shirt, girlfriend knows she has a sexy body, and she knows how to work it like a supermodel.

If Palin was seriously considering running for president perhaps she could be forgiven for her narcissism. But the video, the bus tour, the lectures, the TV appearances have only one goal in mind: To build up her brand. Palin has no intentions of running for president, and she has no qualms about leading on her devoted followers.

This society values fame above everything else, and Palin is stretching out her 15 minutes of fame as long as she can. Palin isn`t going to run, being exposed as an idiot in the debates wouldn`t be good for her brand.

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