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Published:August 25th, 2011 16:54 EST
Darren Hincks  The New Great Artist is FINALLY Here!

Darren Hincks The New Great Artist is FINALLY Here!

By Krista Boyer
Sadie After Midnight

Last week I spoke to each and every one of you about the most miraculous gift " the music world has received in a very long time.  That artist`s name is Darren Hincks (A.K.A., The Rider), and I am telling you all right now that you HAVE to get to this man`s website immediately!  Even my words can not fully make you understand the outstanding voice this country-rocker owns!

Back in the 1980`s rock-and-roll and, let`s face it, all other genres, had a field day!  The lyrics, the tone, the beat, the melodies - absolutely everything that came down the music pipeline in the eighties made people ENJOY music.  Read that one word again.  ENJOY!  The nineties, quite frankly, came along with trash metal and people screaming and yelling about things no one even understood, let alone even agreed with most of the time.  And, as we entered our new grand century, artists and bands have been known more for their tabloid stories, horrific costumes, and ridiculous "live` performances on and off the stage, than for their actual music.

It comes as no surprise to this writer that almost every facet of the entertainment world is headed back to the eighties to find a source of enjoyment.  Even the movie industry is trying desperately to bring back to the screen hits like Footloose " and Dirty Dancing. "  Why?  In order to bring back that original music that so many millions of people enjoyed!

When I first crossed paths with Darren Hincks, I was able to listen to a few of his songs from his freshman CD titled, My Way, " (V-Tone Music).  I was actually thrilled when I heard lyrics and beats such as the ones in, Still Want You, Betty Lou, and Take a Ride.  In fact, I immediately found myself - after a great many decades - enjoying music once again.  As I said at one point in my last article, this debut CD was the epitome of the country-rock world, offering everything from rock/country up-tempo tracks to smooth mid-tempo beats, with the funk " of the 1970`s pop sound mixed in for good measure.  But it wasn`t only the music or the beat that made these songs different - it was the very "cool` sound of Darren Hincks` voice that was as artistic as Michelangelo`s paintbrush on canvas.  His voice held a very calm power, drive, passion, and artistic vision that absolutely brought the goosebumps to my skin, while I ENJOYED the music

With this article, I realize the jealousy will flow - but you will all have to live with that one.  I had the ultimate gift presented to me; I was able to hear the unheard tracks on the brand new Darren Hincks CD, Come To Me!  This music is not only something to get extremely excited about, but it is also STILL playing throughout my house and will continue to for a good, long time.  In fact, there will soon be t-shirts for Darren Hincks that can be worn by everyone, and bought at every sold-out concert this man is going to play at very soon.  And, boy, are there going to be a lot of them!

To give you a brief overview of the man who will soon be that huge star, Darren Hincks was born in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  (Talk about a gigantic backyard to play in, right?)  From the Grand Teton`s to the mountain meadows to the mountain streams, Darren Hincks was certainly wild and free; and those two special "gifts` appear vividly in his vocals on every single one of his fantastic songs. 

Darren Hincks says he, was raised like most country boys.  Up in the morning to do your chores, milk the cows, feed the livestock, and clean the stalls; then off to the daily fun of either cutting hay, baling hay, or hauling hay; moving sprinkler pipe for irrigation; fixing fence; or, whatever needed to be done.  Then toward evening you had to do your chores all over again. "  Let`s face it, people.  Darren Hincks will never have ANY tabloid say that he doesn`t know what hard work is. 

This truly incredible artist at one time began with shovel in hand, and ended up working from daylight to darkness, six days a week, to build up his own construction company.  Along with that construction company, Darren Hincks has also owned restaurants and a night club - which brought him back home, " in a way, to when he was just ten-years-old and got his first taste of his future destiny.  That was the age when Darren Hincks received his first guitar from his father.  Dad taught him a few chords, and music soon became a large part of Darren`s life.  For Darren Hincks, he says that, the music allowed me to dream of a life I knew I would never have, and to dream of places I knew I would never see.  When you come from a life of hard work you learn how to dream, and the songs I write are little bits and pieces of me.  I write songs about my hopes, my dreams, happiness and sadness, love and heartache - the basic ingredients in life, or at least my life. "

Thankfully for his listeners and all of his soon to be fans, Darren Hincks` dreams are very much becoming a reality.  What he thought would never happen, WILL.  In fact, it will come as no surprise to anyone after hearing the amazing lyrics that Darren Hincks puts on paper, and the perfect country-rock voice he owns, to see that he is truly the person who has been missing from the music scene.  You will hear in his words and melodies the passion and drive that has been absent for the last two and a half decades.  Although Darren Hincks may not be sure where the next phase of his life is going to lead him, it is certainly not a question for any of his fans.  With his talent, and the outstanding album, Come To Me, Darren Hincks is headed straight for the stage of every major venue in the U.S. of A. 

Darren Hincks was not only kind enough to allow me to listen to his amazing album, but he also was able to give me in-depth information that truly describes what each and every song brings to the table; what each lyric stands for, and how all listeners will feel about every beat that`s played.

From Country-fied, which is a fantastic rock-country song about a long haired country man with a cool old pick-up truck, and a girl he likes named Bobby Sue who he thinks is a dandy; to Still Love You, which is a wonderful ballad about young love that grows into old love.  The characters that Darren Hincks brings to life within this song fell in love years ago at the "movie shows.`  Today their hair is gray; they sit on the porch watching their grandkids play.  They know they made it, and at the end of the day, their love is still the most powerful and wonderful lesson they can pass on to the generations coming up behind them. 

A list of tracks that are absolutely perfect come together to create Come To Me.  Titles such as:  Hot Dang Dawg; Another Beer And A Shot; Hear I Go, (and many more that I`ll make you wait for, coming up in the next article), combine to become one of the best country-rock albums that has ever been released.

I am telling you, it is absolutely about time that Darren Hincks has come into our world.  And, apparently, we all have Dad and a guitar to thank for bringing ENJOYABLE music back into our lives. 

Until Next Time, Everybody!

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