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Published:August 25th, 2011 14:18 EST

President Obama And Jobs

By SOP newswire3

Call for Questions & Input: The President`s Council on Jobs Session in Portland, Oregon


On August 31st, the President`s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness will hold the next in a series of Listening and Action Sessions with local businesses and stakeholders to discuss how the public and private sectors can partner to create opportunity and support job creation.

The panel will include US Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, Jobs Council Members Paul Otellini, Darlene Miller and Don Graves as well as Dr. Gary May, Dean of the College of Engineering at Georgia Tech, Dr. Shankar Sastry, Dean of the College of Engineering at University of California, Berkeley, Dr. Renjeng Su the Dean of the College of Engineering at Portland State University, Dr. Leah Jamieson the Dean of the College of Engineering at Purdue,  Guy Primus the Chief Operating Officer at Overbrook Entertainment, and Dr. Telle Whitney, the President & CEO of Anita Borg Institute for Women & Technology.

The panel will focus on the steps that we can take as a country to curb our engineering shortage, which threatens America`s role as the world`s leading innovator and hinders our ability to create jobs.During the Session, Council members will respond to questions and comments from people across the country submitted via LinkedIn.

Add your voice to the dialogue by sending us your questions and comments:

This session is part of a series of regional Council Listening and Action Sessions that are taking place around the country as a result of the President`s challenge to the Council to bring new voices to the table and ensure that everyone can participate and inform the Council`s work and recommendations. We look forward to hearing from you.