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Published:August 28th, 2011 11:28 EST
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What`s Behind the Character Portrait Switch-A-Roo of Susan Powell (by Josh and Steve)?

By John G. Kays

"We have actually been able to accomplish what it is we had hoped we would be able to do. The evidence we collected today is definitely going to further the investigation. If it`s the key element we are really looking for or not, we can`t really comment on that. But every piece that we gather is definitely a piece of the puzzle and helps us to get a complete picture of what`s happening." Lt. Bill Merrit - West Valley City police

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After a year and a half of nothing, why is the investigation of Susan Powell`s disappearance heating up to such high levels, just at this time? And after a year and a half of silence, why is Josh Powell (and his father, Steven Powell) going public, almost to excess?

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On Thursday, the West Valley police were looking for something specific, when doing a thorough search of the Powell home in Puyallup, Washington. It wouldn`t have been possible to get a search warrant, had they not had probable cause, something solid. We were told that they wanted Susan`s diaries, but was this really what they were looking for?

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The media also mentioned the West Valley police were seeking traces of blood. What`s this all about? How could there be traces in blood at Steve`s house, twenty months after Susan vanished?

And remember, Susan disappeared from Utah, not Washington. This implies that Josh would have transported this incriminating evidence with him when he hastily departed West Valley City.

Shocking, but what`s behind this? Look at the `significant amount` of evidence that was confiscated. All of Susan`s diaries, 5 computer towers, lots of boxes and bags. We know this really happened.

Komo News cameras captured the police toting all this `pertinent ephemera` out of the Powell house. So much evidence, that a West Valley City police truck required a trailer to store these items in.

Even Steve`s diaries were confiscated. Josh has remained nonchalant throughout this entire ordeal. One suspects the police are trying to rattle him, but he keeps his composure, as he projects his own spin on these sordid events, where he`s the good guy, and Chuck Cox is a persecuting father-in-law, who portrays his daughter in a contrasting light to the Susan who he knew.

Current character sketches of Susan (by Josh and Steve) are completely foreign to us, (compared) to ones provided at the time when she vanished, going back to December of 2009.

Then again, Josh was not talking much in those days, except early on, such as when he gave the `Navy Blue Cap Interview,` not so long after the shaky incident in question. The character portrait switch-a-roo of Susan was like day to night.

At first she was a loving, doting mother, well-organized, hard-working, who enjoyed knitting and always glowed with self-confidence, content, and warmness.

Went to church regularly, had lots of good friends, and was most balanced in all her endeavors. Now we hear (from Josh and Steve only), that she was highly s(e)xual, unstable, resentful of her parents - just a basket case, you might say!

It`s unlikely that Susan could be both of these people at the same time, a perfect angel and an Id-driven licentious harpy, motivated by reckless impulses that could lead to destruction.

Naturally enough, there have been such cases of women with dual-personalities (reported in the notorious annals of crime), who could trod either path, a path radiating with beams of light, or the other path, wrought with the perils of depravity.

But let`s suppose (for a moment) that Josh fears the cops have enough to nab him at any minute. And can`t we see that this is just what the West Valley police want him to think?

Therefore, (Josh is exceedingly crafty) he decides to go on the offensive. He agrees to bring his dad on board also. Dad can do much damage in the way of character assassination (towards Susan).

Josh himself has extraordinary talents by way of communication skills, otherwise deemed the spinning of yarn in front of a television camera. When asked whether he still loved his wife, he paused for a considerable amount of time, before he acknowledged he did (still love his wife).

A great amount of reluctance. Not much conviction. Maybe lying? Josh`s love is compromised by the turn of events, that don`t add up to a happy ending for anybody involved. A love remembered not.

It`s a cat and mouse game. A game of Chess, or better yet, it`s Chinese Checkers, jumping your opponent before he jumps you. Chuck Cox (himself) is good in front of a camera, but he`s utterly truthful, sincere, and forthright in his relentless quest to find out what happened to his long-lost daughter.

A sharp contrast to Josh and Steve. These characters are all about putting on a show. If you believe them, then Susan is the next Hollywood Madame!

Interesting developments! First nothing for almost twenty months, but suddenly a barrage of events that slap us silly in the face with contradictions, inconsistencies that send out a danger signal. Up is down, left is right, night is day, white is black, good is evil.

An impossibility? Not always. Crowds of neighbors astonished as the cops ransack the Powell residence. Why didn`t this search and seizure occur a long time ago?

Psychological warfare, projected on a social stage, is a powerful presence. As much as we hate to admit it, last week Josh and his colorful father were winning the game of `propaganda smearing.`

Millions watched them on ABC, CBS, and countless local media outlets. Josh is good at role-playing, a consummate actor. He seems as innocent as a lamb, if you let yourself go.

And yet he throws his eyes about in such a way, that (his eyes) give off an aura of concealment. Steve is a sicko, but his audience may have been captivated (tricked) by his tales of a flirtatious Susan, who (he claims) shared a mutual affection for him.

(Steve declares, without humility, that he was in love with her.) People will want to hear more on this, not stories about how Susan loved to weave yarn and go to church, or do good deeds for neighbors.

Steve and Josh know this full-well and are playing a clever game that resembles Reality TV, where the known facts in this case are turned upside down, over on its head. What was in the diaries?

Was Susan actually unstable? Did she occasionally run out of the house in her underwear, just as Josh claims? How can we counter Josh`s salacious claims? After all, he was her husband.

Nevertheless, as Josh and Steve get more aggressive, the cops get equally aggressive. Can they make an arrest anytime soon? If they arrest Josh without hard evidence, you know he`ll get off Scott-free!

The strangest thing (to me), is a motive for murder is clearing up in the haze of fog, a murky fog of confoundment that has plagued this case right from the outset. If Josh thought Susan was flirting with his father, this would certainly create outrage!