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Published:August 30th, 2011 13:30 EST

LOL: Tracking Tag Attached To Drug Suspect's Prosthetic Leg

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A British security firm said it fired two employees who attached a tracking tag to a suspect`s prosthetic leg, allowing him to violate his curfew."


The trickery allowed Christopher Lowc(o)ck, 29, to remove the leg and violate the curfew imposed while he faces drugs, driving and weapon charges. Lowc(o)ck`s prosthetic leg stayed home and watched TV while Lowc(o)ck whiled away the night dancing, carousing and fighting. Wait a second, how much fun can this suspect have hobbling on one leg?


Lowc(o)ck proves that a disabled person can still lead a full and active life. This character didn`t let his disability stop him from selling drugs, he demonstrates a "can-do" attitude that`s an inspiration for disabled and non-disabled persons.

This fellow`s drug business was so successful that he apparently bribed the security firm`s employees to attach the tracking tag to his prosthetic leg. This incident is so heartwarming and inspiring, I wouldn`t be surprised if most of my readers shed a tear or two.

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