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Published:August 30th, 2011 12:25 EST
Man Made  Homegrown and Ready to Take On The Music World!

Man Made Homegrown and Ready to Take On The Music World!

By Krista Boyer
Home Grown

Okay, readers.  I am too old now to actually be saying this, but I have just listened to a CD from a truly fantastic band by the name of Man Made, and I feel as if I am sixteen and Justin Bieber just walked into the room.  Or, if you don`t understand that visual, then think of me as a vampire-lover and the super-hot Edward just reached for my neck.  Yes, that`s right, I am officially obsessed.    

Man Made is new for me, and I can not believe that I have been out of the loop where this astounding band is concerned.  Man Made`s music?  Mind-Altering!  Why?  Because we are talking about an infusion of country rock and blues that has me wanting to board the next plane for Georgia so I won`t have to miss another concert that Man Made is having.  To compare them to others would be just downright wrong.  Man Made is literally a potent mixture of sounds.  Each and every member of this band - from the outstanding voice of lead singer, Jason Blankenship; to the vibe, tone, and incredible sound that band members Casey Camp, Bradd Poole, Brian Abson, and Drake Kennedy bring to the party - leaves me without words.  And, as you all know,  `speechless` is not something I usually suffer from.  It`s as if my favorite, Dave Matthews, got together with Nora Jones and had children!     

Man Made`s songs are provocative, soulful, and fun all at the same time.  Which I have always thought was a true impossibility.  Man Made crosses genres, and they do it effortlessly!  And, luckily enough, I get to spend the next few months meeting each and every one of these incredible musicians in order to bring each and every one of YOU their powerful music, information on their illustrious concerts, their incredible sound, their backgrounds, and anything else I can think of.  THIS is the band of the 21st century!  And after listening to just one of Man Made`s songs, you will think so, too.   

Man Made released their first original album titled, Starting With You, at the end of 2010; and, since the release of that fantastic album, Man Made has been proving left and right that they are headed straight for the Grammy stage.  Their reviews are beyond outstanding.  Man Made gives live performances in many local Georgia venues, and the most amazing part (which has been impossible to say about hardly anyone in music these days) is the fact that Man Made is as completely brilliant live as they are on their recorded album.   

Starting With You, the title track of the CD, is one that will have all of you females out there thinking Justin Bieber just walked into YOUR high school believe me.  The song tells of a woman in the bathtub with the requisite glass of wine in her hand and her head back, enjoying her quiet, peaceful moment when HE walks in.  Frankly, the only way this woman could enjoy this moment more, is to have the Man Made CD playing in the room.  Then, a listener can go to another track and meet up with a heart-wrenching, beautiful song titled, Alexander City.  These deeply soulful lyrics takes listeners for a ride with a man in his eighteen-wheeler, who is trying desperately to get back to his family.  Each and every music lover on the planet will find this CD truly wonderful, seeing as that the adjectives to describe it can range from fun to thrilling to s(e)xy to soulful.  There is not one emotion that Man Made has left out on the tracks of, Starting With You   

The standard introductory bio for Man Made`s style of music is a, mixture of new and old country, bluegrass, blues, southern gospel, and rock.  But, I have to say, even all that doesn`t do Man Made justice.  These men have found a way to  `raise the roof off the joint` one minute, and then produce a calm, peaceful, and slightly provocative vibe on the very next song - without missing a beat.  They make it look easy as they transform from one genre to another and show their true mastery of all musical styles.   

Man Made is made up of five phenomenal musicians who we will be learning more about over the next few months.  Each of these men have a separate style that somehow all mix together so well, that Man Made can be the  `top pick` in any music lover`s home no matter what their music preference happens to be.  These men who will knock your socks off are:  Jason Blankenship (lead vocals and guitar); Casey Camp (lead guitar and vocals); Brian Abson (drums); Bradd Poole (lead guitar and vocals); and, the most recent member, Drake Kennedy (bass).  Once you listen to even one of Man Made`s songs, you will notice that the combination of the skills and talent of these men is a recipe for the perfect band!   

As I said, I will be the lucky one (I can feel your jealousy oozing through the computer at this second) who will be allowed to go in-depth with each and every one of these stars who are soon to become household names.  I will, however, offer a little bit of information to whet your appetites.  Jason Blankenship came from a devout music family, learning to play and sing country and bluegrass from his father, Earl.  Casey Camp is a self taught guitarist, and his love of music extends to everyone from Elvis to the Black Crowes.  Brian Abson is a  `church boy` and brings hugely powerful overtones of the southern gospel sound to Man Made; whereas, Bradd Poole  `draws` from his love of the compelling southern rock sound of legends like, Duane Allman.  Man Made refers to Drake Kennedy as the ambitious, young bass player from Georgia who came along and infused the band with his passion for bluegrass and jazz, adding yet another brilliant sound to the already incredible Man Made team.   

Man Made, people, went from #78 on Reverbnation to #17 overnight.  And, in short, #1 is the slot created for Man Made and their incredible music.  No, I am not over-exaggerating.  As I said, after hearing Man Made, I have come to the conclusion that I want to now leave the Southwest and go live in Georgia immediately.  Next up for Man Made are live shows at Doc`s in Smyrna, Georgia this coming weekend.  From what I`ve heard, Doc`s is a place that gives a whole new definition to the words  `Happy Hour.`  And, with Man Made on their stage, happy is going to turn into Fantastically and Utterly Thrilled in about two seconds!   

Of course, soon the world will know of Man Made and even my city will have the honor of hosting them.  Yes, there are bands that I praise, singers who are innovative and who I have a great desire to support BUT, Man Made is a treasure that I am simply astounded by.  They are individual and unique.  Their music comes from all genres - all worlds - and the passion and drive they own; and that comes through when you listen to their songs is immaculate.  It makes YOU want to get on stage, although most of us REALLY shouldn`t!     

I have to say, readers, Man Made is destiny.  I actually wrote a novel once called Mind Made, and seeing as that Man Made`s music inspires and thrills the mind, it feels like this band is an utter gift from the gods.  And YOU are going to be recipients of that gift.     

So, get ready.  Over the next few months you are going to witness the most incredible band to appear in this country in a VERY long time.  And, luckily enough, we will all get to watch Man Made fly up those charts, perform on every stage, get the accolades they deserve, and enjoy each and every second of their truly magnificent music!   

Until Next Time, Everybody!   

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