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Published:September 2nd, 2011 21:32 EST
Will Roberts Says... Medication Shortages? Go Nautral, An Apple a Day, Keeps the Drug Companies Away!

Will Roberts Says... Medication Shortages? Go Nautral, An Apple a Day, Keeps the Drug Companies Away!

By Will Roberts

Remember the old saying, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away," well; somehow it seems with the absence of that saying has gone good health. Enter the business of bad health. In our country today the idea of Americans` wellness seems to be the biggest debate with the big boys on Capitol Hill.

We the people and our healthcare; well it`s boiled down to such a complicated mess that no one can afford to get sick and if we do, not for very long. Now, modern day medicine has figured out how to keep us alive longer. I`m convinced that this is just a capitalistic plot to drain every bit of blood and money from our bodies. I have often wondered if the common cold could not have been cured a long time ago if it wasn`t for the racket they have of selling us cold medicine that covers every minute of our lives. 12 hours, 24 hours, 72 hours, or a full month.

The drug companies are kinda like the old medicine show magicians that would come into town selling the latest snake oil. Those companies have learned something that street drug pushers could benefit from and that is: get an office, some letterhead and call your product a prescription. Those big business pill pushers have taken our health to another level, without us getting the benefits. They have marketing budgets that buy big ads about how their drug is the drug you need to have. Of being cured of one thing only to be stricken with ten new things.

Let me tell you folks, if you are taking something that could possibly end up in death, maybe you should seek a second option... try a naturopath doctor. Supplements and healthy diet choices might seem expensive until you do the math on all the drugs you`ll need to live a longer miserable life of addiction. 

It`s come to my attention lately that patients are running into medication shortages. Drug companies are coming up empty handed in profits, that is, and discontinuing drugs that aren`t so popular. Tell that to a cancer patient; they might want to know that what they have is on the decline, or maybe it`s just the drug companies are losing interest dollars. I`ve also seen that some of the drugs companies hike up the prices on the medication they sell by as much as 650 %, if not more.  

I used to know a pharmaceutical rep; that`s another word for drug pusher. She went around, gave her clients pens, pads and squeeze balls, all with the company`s name on them. She drove around in a brand new BMW and had a beautiful home. She also died at age fifty two of a sudden heart attack. She either knew something we didn`t or they didn`t give employee discounts.  

I have a plan to put these drug companies out of business and that is GOOD HEALTH, so, GO NATURAL, get an apple, maybe two. Avoid fast-foods. Too many trips to Jack in The Box will send you to the Doc in the box, where I am sure someday soon they will come up with their own version of a happy meal.  

They say that folks make decisions to turn their lives around when they are faced with bad health or maybe you know someone dying from something we can all get; and let me tell you that death is the only thing we all share in the end. The idea is to avoid it as long as you can. The best way to avoid that is: stay away from drugs, legal or illegal.  

Don`t think for one minute that this cowboy is saying don`t see your doctor or take your medication. All I am saying is, let`s turn the tables on these wealthy witch doctors selling drugs by living a healthy life for as long as we can and then die quickly before they have a chance to make another red cent.