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Published:September 6th, 2011 14:49 EST
Faerie Tales May be Future Trend

Faerie Tales May be Future Trend

By Tony Graff

Let`s admit it, the vampire trend is wearing down. Twilight, the Vampire Diaries, Rosario Vampire, the Vampire`s Assistant, and True Blood are giving way to Steampunk. For those who aren`t familiar with the word, it`s future technology as envisioned in the Steam revolution. Think airships and clock gears and the Victorian Era. 

Books like Incarceron and Leviathan are gaining popularity. Add in movies like Hugo, coming this Thanksgiving, and Hellboy II: the Golden Army, and it`s easy to see that Steampunk is going to replace vampires. 

But, just as Steampunk held it`s time in the shadows of vampires, there`s currently a catching trend for faerie tales. I have to be particular on this one. I`m not talking about the fairy tales that have deluded us into thinking that everything in the world is made to make our lives easier. I`m not talking Tinkerbell, Ferngully, and all the other fairy folk that seem to live to help the random human and protect the forest. I`m talking about the mystical people as rude and vengeful as we are. I`m talking about Fablehaven, O. R. Melling`s the Chronicles of Fae, and the currently in production movie with Guillermo Del Toro remake of Pinocchio.
The major theme and the popularity to the Faerie world is the renewed sense of beauty in the world. Just as vampires taught that romance is more powerful than anything, and steampunk heralds the unlimited human potential, true faerie tales ignite the idea that beauty is everywhere. The common, everyday things can hold greater value than we first perceive, and an adventure isn`t far from where we are.
I`m willing to bet that Steampunk is going to become the dominant popular trend for the next five to six years, then we are going to see the Fae world take center stage.