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Published:September 10th, 2011 12:31 EST

Snooki Won't Wave Green Flag At NASCAR Race Honoring Heroes Of 9/11

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Nicole Polizzi, or as she`s better known as Snooki from Jersey Shore, will not be waving the green flag before the start of Saturday night`s NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Richmond International Raceway. The track made the announcement in a press release Thursday."


It`s one thing to hire Snooki to make an appearance at the grand opening of a "Gentlemen`s Club", it`s quite another to hire the controversial reality star to appear at a NASCAR event recognizing the heroes of 9/11.

I`m thrilled that NASCAR officials came to her senses, and delegated Snooki to a lesser role. If Snooki had waved the green flag before tens of thousands of rowdy and drunk racing fans it would have been perceived as a sign that America is in permanent decline. Sanity prevails, Snooki won`t mar an event celebrating 9/11 heroes, and the besotted NASCAR fans can wax patriotic.

I applaud Snooki for taking her demotion in a good spirit, she could have said "the hell with it", and just stayed home.

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