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Published:September 13th, 2011 19:58 EST
A Counter Offer

A Counter Offer

By Ed Roberts

I had previously posted 3 poems to help people remember Sept. 11th.

I had asked this year for words that somehow might prevent this from happening again.

I wanted to share these words I was able to capture. ----


A Counter Offer


I have to ask

What do they offer

For your blood

For your life

And the lives of those that you love


I know they tell you

You are fighting for the righteous

That your sacrifice will be noticed

Even in Heaven


I know that they tell you

You must fight the enemy

And they have spent lifetimes

Making sure you know who they are


I still have to ask you though

What do they offer in return


Do they offer you better jobs

Do they offer you better schools

For your children

Do they offer you a future of peace

Of hope


I do not pretend

To know what is best for everyone

I am but a simple man

Who has watched so many innocent lives taken

Seen the tears of those who were left behind

Scared and broken

Victims of blind hatred

Casualties of a war

They never agreed to fight


As for me

I can offer you my hand in friendship

I can find those who will help you find jobs

Build new schools for your children

Care for your sick and dying

And maybe

Just maybe

A future filled with hope and love


Now again

I ask you

What do they offer



Ed Roberts 9/11/11