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Published:September 20th, 2011 18:39 EST
Death of Haeyoon Miller May Be No Mystery

Death of Haeyoon Miller May Be No Mystery

By SOP newswire2

Watch the YouTube video below:

Note apparently sawed root (not recently done, or the cortex would be fresh-looking) just to the left of the firefighter`s moustache. The sawing may have been done as maintenance " or in connection with street improvements. Cutting of roots is an all-too-frequent and common practice, with our without the supervision and approval of tree professionals. Many professionals make such cuts with alarming frequency, apparently under the illusion that anchoring/support roots can or will grow back. Unfortunately, that is not the case with most true trees. (Some plant roots can sometimes be replaced from the subsurface bole or crown region, such as palms and some dicotyledonous trees like tropical figs, but, especially with large trees, that can be insufficient to keep the tree upstanding. Eucalyptus cannot replace their large roots when cut). Leaning trees are a dead giveaway of insufficient root strength. Ignoring them is hazardous to everyone`s health and pocketbooks. Who knows how much the taxpayers have shelled out to cover the backsides of professionals of all sorts who snag government jobs? Watch this video before it`s yanked.

Note the large root in the right-center of the photo, just to the left of the blue car-bumper. Notice how it curves from its apparent point of origin approximately 180 degrees and then is fairly straight to a dark area in the lower left-center quadrant? This looks suspiciously like the root had, in its comparative youth, encountered an immovable object (say, a concrete curb, for example?) and grown along it. This root appears to be one of the tree`s largest, but it did not grow down into the ground, it stayed near the surface, perhaps because of an impenetrable geologic formation, shallow irrigation, both, or perhaps other factors. While it is true that this level of analysis is not commonly done and often when it is the analysis may not reveal the full truth, it is POSSIBLE to analyze the growth and development history of a tree. We do not know if this root was merely too close to the surface to provide sufficient anchoring, or if it was cut at some time in the past. But with the evidence buried or destroyed, we never will know. Haeyoon Miller`s true killer may never be known if no independent investigation is done. The City`s tree expert may do a good job, but the appearance of conflict still looms.