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Published:September 20th, 2011 17:07 EST
Judyth Piazza interviews Myles Berkowitz, Co-Founder of Lifesize

Judyth Piazza interviews Myles Berkowitz, Co-Founder of Lifesize

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Lifesize is an innovative new weight-loss program designed to help you lose weight and keep it off. Simply put, we have revolutionized the concept of portion control. We don`t forbid any foods or eliminate carbs or fat or sugar. And there are no pills, powders, drinks, supplements or pre-packaged foods to buy either.

When you Lifesize, you must eat all the foods you love exactly the way you love them. That`s not a sales pitch. That`s a requirement. After 20 years of intensive research, we created our own unique portion sizes for all the foods we all love to eat.

The Lifesize portions are small enough so you lose weight, but they are larger than the portions you usually read or hear about so that you don`t have to walk around hungry. The next thing we did was design easy-to-use Lifesize Measuring Devices so that you could put your food in them and portion out the perfect amount on to your plate, every time you eat. No guessing or weighing or visualizing. And you don`t have to memorize anything either, because all the Lifesize portions are listed on a very easy-to-read and very colorful Lifesize Wall Chart.

Lifesizing is so logical and easy that you`ll be able to eyeball the Lifesize portions for all the food you eat even when you eat out at a restaurant. Thousands of people have lost weight just by eating the Lifesize portions. But we also developed the Lifesize Program for those people who wanted to lose weight faster and keep it off easier.

In 5 simple steps we teach you how to eat the right amount of Lifesize portions in a meal and in a day. Because if you eat what you love in the Lifesize portions, you will never feel deprived like you would on a diet.

You will always have enough food to keep you satisfied and that`s how you will easily Lifesize for life. 

About the Lifesize Founders

Steven Kates has been in the fitness and nutrition business for more than 30 years.

Steven is known in Los Angeles for his work with celebrities, his ultra-modern fitness operations, and his scientific training techniques. He was Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of the first Nautilus Chain in the West, and introduced Nautilus to Los Angeles. Spinning was invented in one of Steven`s Nautilus complexes by his friend and employee Johnny G.

Steven has founded and operated several fitness studios and workout facilities in the Los Angeles area, including Matrix 1 Fitness complex - the birthplace of the private training industry.

Steven has a Bachelor`s Degree in Biology from UCLA.

Myles Berkowitz is a filmmaker in Los Angeles. He`s been in the entertainment business for over 20 years, and most notably wrote, directed and starred in the Fox Searchlight film 20 Dates.

Myles Berkowitz knew nothing about food and dieting when he met Steven four years ago.

Myles didn`t know that rice was a carb! When Steven started talking to him about the proper portions of food he should eat, Myles made him draw those portion sizes on a piece of paper. Myles then made clay bowls from those drawings and used them to portion out his food. He immediately felt much more energetic and the weight started to melt off.

Myles was convinced that portion control was the answer to the obesity problem in America, but couldn`t find one place to get all the information a person needed to portion food properly.

So Myles and Steven decided to fill that knowledge gap. Together they came up with simple-to-use measuring devices and a complete Lifesize Program that even a dummy like Myles could understand.

Myles has lost 46 pounds on the Lifesize Program. But the bigger news is that he`s kept that weight off for over 3 years while still eating familiar and favorite foods, but in Lifesize portions.

Elisabeth Berkowitz, married to Myles, also has much to say about Lifesize.

Her easy-to-follow and practical instruction on the Lifesize Ready. Get Set. Go! DVD will help get you up and running in no time. Elisabeth is an interior decorator and has a degree in design from UCLA. After giving birth to a daughter, Elisabeth lost 21 pounds on Lifesize and has kept that weight off for over 3 years.



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