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Published:September 22nd, 2011 18:41 EST

Lady Sues Strident Chewing Gum: Gum Got Stuck In Her Dentures

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Canadian woman claims chewing gum that stuck to her dentures sparked short-term depression and she`s suing the manufacturer over the ordeal.

The lawsuit filed last week in Edmonton, Alberta, by lawyers for Elsie Pawlow seeks $100,000 from the manufacturer of Stride chewing gum."



Elsie Pawlow should be depressed that she`s named after a cow, and that without her dentures she probably has to regurgitate and rechew her food.

The plaintiff alleges that as a result of her gum mishap she suffered depression for approximately 10 minutes. I suffered for at least a good half hour as a result of reading the disgusting UPI article about Pawlow. I should sue UPI and Elsie for a cool million.

My dear readers can`t sue me for writing and posting this article online, by now they should be well aware that my editorials are sometimes disturbing.

Elsie better try another scam, there`s no way she will make a dime from her frivolous lawsuit.

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