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Published:September 25th, 2011 12:17 EST

Pig Finds A Home In An Office Park, Eluding Capture From Animal Control Officers

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An administrator at Anne Arundel, Md., Animal Control said the agency was up against mission impossible: capturing two small potbelly pigs in an office park."


Pigs are as playful and cute as they are tasty and delicious. I don`t know what I enjoy more, petting piglets at a petting zoo or eating BBQ pork ribs.


Catching a potbelly pig is as difficult as convincing Oprah Winfrey that it might be a good idea to limit herself to only a couple of servings at the buffet table.

Animal control officers were finally able to catch one of the delightful pigs, but the other one has eluded capture for more than a month. Most of the folks who work in the office park are rooting for the pig, they feed it and help hide if from the authorities.

The city should erect a fence around the office park to protect the pig from trying to cross the busy road, and they should let him stay where he is happy and loved.

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