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Published:October 1st, 2011 10:48 EST

Chris Christie: Lose 150 Pounds Before You Consider Running For President!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Part of Chris Christie`s alleged charm is his blunt, some would say rude, manner. I will channel the New Jersey Governor and state my opinion succinctly and bluntly: Chris Christie is too freakin` fat to be President of the United States.


When I see Chris Christie plodding onto a stage to deliver a speech, I have a visceral reaction of disgust. If I were a resident of New Jersey I would be embarrassed to have this huge mass of humanity representing me.

Christie isn`t merely pudgy or overweight, he`s sideshow freak fat. He`s not simply obese, he`s morbidly obese.

I`m a policy wonk and I am aware of where all the presidential hopefuls stand on the issues, but I also consider their moral character, their temperament and their personal frailties.

How can Christie find solutions to the intractable problems (unemployment, failing economy, interminable wars) facing our nation, if he can`t overcome the inordinate desire to stuff his face?

A couple of weeks ago Christie said he wasn`t ready to be president, he`s absolutely right! He won`t be ready, until he loses at least 150 pounds.

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