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Published:October 6th, 2011 11:08 EST
Harry J. Getzov Presents The Extraordinary Side of Aging with gOLD

Harry J. Getzov Presents The Extraordinary Side of Aging with gOLD

By SOP newswire2

What if growing old didn`t have to mean being obsolete or over the hill? What if, instead, it meant being classic, venerable and wise? What if it meant writing the novel you`ve always wanted to write, or painting, or singing, or teaching, or traveling to a place you`ve always dreamed of? 


In gOld, Harry J. Getzov introduces us to many of the extraordinary senior citizens he has interviewed from all walks of life as part of the Eldercation project he created to promote the concept of positive aging. These folks talk freely about lessons learned and wisdom gained and share their feelings about aging, demonstrating that life after 65 can, indeed, be passionate and beautiful.


A precious treasure lies hidden within our older population waiting to be revealed. gOld opens the door to its revelation and suggests that it is time to change the way we think about aging and about our elder citizens.


"Harry Getzov has done a wonderful job and provided a beautiful gift to every reader: to those who, like my mother, live well into their older years and, perhaps more important, to those of us who need to be reminded that behind the face of an older person is the spirit of eternal life. May this book open many minds and illuminate many hearts."

         -Marianne Williamson (excerpt from gOld`s foreword.)


"Older age doesn`t mean the end of desire and excitement. gOld demonstrates, beautifully, how new adventures continue to unfold in later life, and this is certainly good news for the baby boomers."

                                                                         -Dr. Ruth Westheimer


"gOld is a true gem that lends such a sweet and tender voice to a generation that has gone unheard for far too long.  I laughed "I cried "I rejoiced "as I am sure you will!"

                                                                        -Grammy winning music icon, Patti Austin


"I am going to keep this short and simple " gOld is a triumph.  I only hope that this book climbs the bestseller list as quickly and boldly as Gold has conquered the stock market."                  -Personality, Jay Thomas



Excerpts from gOld:

"Your questions, your book, your work, your intent are not only timely and important but gracious."

                                                                           -Dr. Maya Angelou

"It`s really hard for a young person to understand, when they see a senior citizen, that the older person, inside, is just as vital and just as interested in things as anybody else."

                                                                            -Hugh Downs

"God gave you a chance to become somebody. If you didn`t take advantage of that, and you didn`t roll your sleeves up and go for it, then . . . I`m sorry. Don`t give me that "poor me` and become the victim. . . . Someday, somewhere, someone`s gonna give you a shot. And you better be ready for it."            

                                                                             -Sammy Shore