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Published:October 9th, 2011 17:07 EST

Outrage! Dutch Government Restricts Sale Of 'Strong' Pot!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Coffee shops in the Netherlands were left wondering on Saturday how to comply with restrictions announced by the Dutch government on the sale of `strong` cannabis, saying enforcement would be difficult given the laws on production.


The Netherlands is famous for its liberal soft drugs policies. A Dutch citizen can grow a maximum of five cannabis plants at home for personal use but large-scale production and transport is a crime."


Seattle is famous for its strong coffee, New York City is renowned for its fabulous musicals on Broadway, San Francisco is infamous for its freaks, and Amsterdam is beloved for its strong weed.

It`s blasphemy for the Dutch government to try to restrict the sale of "strong" cannabis in coffee shops. Tourists visit Las Vegas to get their freak on, and they come to Amsterdam for the best weed in the world. This is sheer insanity, it`s like the city of San Francisco forcing bakeries to bake sourdough French bread that isn`t so sour.

I`m just a small voice crying in the wilderness, we need a beloved and socially-responsible celeb to speak out against this outrage. Where`s Snoop Dogg when you need him?

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